‘SNL’: Donald Trump Gets ‘The Sopranos’ Treatment In Season Finale Cold Open

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Tonight’s season finale of Saturday Night Live started in the familiar Holsten’s Restaurant in Bloomfield N.J., the location of the series finale of The Sopranos. The location seems like it wouldn’t be a Trump-centric sketch, but those assumptions were immediately put to rest when Alec Baldwin comes sauntering in with his Donald Trump pout and squinty sneer. As soon as he drops a quarter in the jukebox to play Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”, you get an idea of what this sketch is trying to accomplish…more or less. (Watch the full clip below.)

As Trump sits there in the restaurant he joined by his cronies: first Kate McKinnon as one of Trump’s lawyers Rudy Giuliani. Trump asks if he’s been on any talk shows lately to which he answers yes. He also adds that “I even confessed to crimes you didn’t do — what are they gonna do, arrest you? I dare ya!” To which both have a hearty laugh.

Next up is Ben Stiller reprising his role as Michael Cohen. They ask him how he’s doing and he answers that he is just preparing to go to jail. “They say I might do 20 years unless I give you up,” he tells Trump.

Trump replies, “I’ve heard jail’s fun. It’s like camp — there’s a free gym dude you’re gonna get so jacked!”

“You gotta focus on the good times!” Cohen tries to stay positive. “Isn’t that what you once told me — that’s why you told me to keep a copy of the Russian pee tape.”

Giuliani interjects and says that he must show that clip on CNN. “Don Lemon’s gonna love that,” he says.

Enter Don Jr. (Mikey Day) while Eric (Alex Moffatt) parallel parks his Big Wheel outside (clearly mocking the parallel parking scene in the Sopranos finale).

As Trump and his crew celebrate the one year anniversary of the Russia investigation, Trump spots Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro) who sits silently in the corner. Apparently, the rest of them can’t see him.

Trump is clearly haunted by Mueller’s presence as he gets up and makes the threatening universal sign of “I have my eyes on you” in Trump’s direction before the screen abruptly cuts to black.

This makes as much sense as The Sopranos finale — which probably was the whole point of this sketch.

Watch the full sketch here:

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