Ryan Reynolds & Josh Brolin Leave James Corden With Short End Of Ugly Stick In Spaghetti Western Reboot


Poor James Corden just doesn’t stand a chance. Co-starring with Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin in a remake of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, guess who plays what?

That’s the funny-ugly premise of this bit from last night’s Late, Late Show, which finds the CBS host and the pair of Deadpool 2 stars filming a trailer for the really-should-be-made reboot of the classic spaghetti Western.

All’s going well until the trailer’s announcer reads out the film’s title as close-ups of the stars fill the screen. The Good – Reynolds. The Bad – Brolin. And the Ugly

“I’m sorry,” Corden stammers. “What did they just say? Did anyone hear that?”

So begins a stand-off, with the Deadpool stars attempting to reason with Corden that, you know, if you absolutely have to assign roles, well…

“What about you?” Corden stubbornly asks Reynolds. “Maybe you’re the ugly one.”

Yeah, the suggestion gets the laugh it deserves. “Ryan really is God’s perfect little snickerdoodle,” coos Brolin. “That’s just a fact.”

“Maybe it’s the situation that’s ugly,” Corden pleads in an argument that goes nowhere. Finally, the trio agree to nix the Western altogether and star in another classic – Three Men and a Baby.

Any guesses on which role Corden is handed?

Take a look at the clip above and see for yourself.

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