How Composer Marco Beltrami Balanced The Sound & Music In ‘A Quiet Place’ – Crew Call Podcast

As a composer who used animal teeth and skulls as percussion on his film score for World War Z, Marco Beltrami is the town’s go-to guy for horror music, having cut his own teeth in genre tunes staring with Wes Craven’s Scream. 

The irony? Beltrami is a fraidy cat when it comes to slashers.

“The first horror movie I ever saw was Scream,” the composer tells us on the latest Crew Call, “I don’t enjoy watching horror movies because I’m a cheap scare. If someone comes up and touches me on the back, I jump a mile.”

But it’s Beltrami’s knack for experimental arias that horror auteurs crave, and so when when John Krasinski needed a guy who could melt sounds and notes on the surprise silent horror box office sensation A Quiet Placeto Beltrami’s Malibu, CA studio the director went. While silence and sound are arguably key characters in A Quiet Place, exactly where the score was placed, “Was an evolving question,” says Beltrami, “and not solved until the final dub.”

In addition, Beltrami’s tonal score for the second season of History Channel’s NAVY Seal series Six is being submitted this Emmy season.

On the latest Crew Call, the Long Island native and two-time Oscar nominee of The Hurt Locker and 3:10 to Yuma talks with us about his latest work as well as his early days at Yale Music, and how he decided to take the plunge into film scoring thanks to The Omen and Poltergeist composer Jerry Goldsmith.

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