‘Lucifer’ Series Finale: Fox’s Supernatural Drama Comes To A Shocking And Devilish End

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SPOILER ALERT: This article contains details about tonight’s series finale of Lucifer.

With Fox’s recent cancellation of Lucifer, fans may shed a tear or two Monday night as we say goodbye to the titular fallen angel and his ragtag group of buddies. In the final episode of the series titled “A Devil of My Word”, we are treated to some twists and turns in the wake of the death of Charlotte, but its the ending that will leave fans gasping for more.

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Last week, we saw the Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) get shot and get carried to heaven in the arms of Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside), who just got his wings back. Monday night’s episode picks up from there as they try to figure out who killed her and why.

Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Chloe (Lauren German), Ella (Aimee Garcia) and the rest of the team are still combing the site for clues. Everyone is obviously a mess after they lost one of their own, but no one is more emotionally unhinged than Espinoza (Kevin Alejandro). Pierce (Tom Welling) insists he takes some time off and grieve but Espinoza refuses as he wants to find the person who killed the woman he loved.

Espinoza returns home, but everywhere he looks is a reminder of Charlotte. He takes a waffle iron and, in a sorrowful rage, throws it across the room and breaks a glass table making a HUGE mess that makes me say, “he’s gonna regret doing that because now he has to clean all of that up.” Despite that, he finds a shady file on Pierce — which is obviously a clue to something bigger.

So yes, Pierce is up to no good. In the next scene, we see him tell a sketchy looking dude, “I need you to take care of something for me.” The guy holds up a ziploc bag with cigarette butt and it’s obvious he is going to plant some evidence somewhere. He asks, “what do you want to do with the woman at your place.” He’s referring to Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt). Pierce says keep her imprisoned because he might need her for something.

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Cut to Maze who is shackled and being watched over by a bunch of goons. Honestly, this episode does nothing for Maze. Besides seeing her lay waste on a bunch of guys, she has nothing much to do in this episode besides try to make amends with Linda (Rachael Harris). It’s obviously filler for the bigger A-story of “Who kiled Charlotte?”

Speaking of, Espinoza, based on the files he found, comes to Lucifer and Chloe and says, “Pierce killed Charlotte!” And he claims that Pierce is the notorious Sinnerman. Chloe thinks he’s crazy to think that but Lucifer basically says, “Oh yeah, I knew that the whole time.” With that, everyone drags Lucifer for holding this information from them, but they move on and put two and two together to realize that Espinoza is right. After Pierce calls the entire team in for a very fake emotional talk about Charlotte, Chloe is furious and says “You killed her and we are gonna take you down” — not in those words exactly, but you get the idea.

As things are starting to come together, Ella says she found some evidence at the scene of Charlotte’s death: a cigarette butt. Yup. It’s the same cigarette butt supposedly planted by Pierce’s goon. The DNA on the cigarette leads them to a rich douchey guy named Steve Chamberlin, a guy Charlotte was prosecuting. Turns out Pierce was trying to frame Steve, but the gang is one step ahead of him — for the time being.

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Espinoza tells Ella that someone is framing Steve and they stir up a plan. Ella, putting on a very good act, goes to Pierce to tell him that Espinoza is going crazy and talking about how Charlotte’s death was a  frame job — and Pierce falls for it! He tells the same goon from earlier in the episode that he needs to take care of Espinoza. He goes to Espinoza’s house where he is laid out drunk. Just when the goon is about to kill him —SUPRPISE! It was all an act! Espinoza is not drunk and he pulls a gun on him and in the background, Chloe is also there with gun in hand.

Meanwhile, Lucifer confronts Pierce and says, “Dude, I know you killed Charlotte…drop the act!” There’s a “No, I didn’t”/”Yes you did” back and forth between the two of them until things get philosophical as Lucifer talks about seeing his devil face and “feeling like a monster before he became one.”

With all the cards out on the table, the gang tries to figure out the next step in stopping Pierce. Chloe gets the bright idea to call Pierce and getting him to spill the beans to her. She thinks he doesn’t know that she knows, but he totally does. It’s kind of like that episode of Friends when Phoebe and Rachel were trying to expose Monica and Chandler’s relationship. Well, not really, but you get the idea.

Nonetheless, Chloe tells him to turn himself in for Charlotte’s death, but he says that ain’t happening. Chloe responds, “I am going to find you and bring you down!” Again, I’m paraphrasing here.

When Pierce hangs up, we see him at his spot where Maze has escaped, leaving dead bodies in her path. She left behind one of her sage blades which Pierce pockets because it will definitely be useful later. (Foreshadowing!)

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The gang is holding Pierce’s goon hostage trying to get him to give information his boss, but he ain’t squawking until Espinoza uses his own special way to convince him to tell Pierce’s whereabouts. The goon says he’ll give information in exchange for protection for his sister. It’s a done deal. He gives them an address to his sister and Lucifer and Chloe go to protect her.

On the way there, Chloe and Lucifer have a moment. She regrets that she didn’t listen to his advice about Pierce and how he doesn’t see him as a metaphorical devil (again, foreshadowing). They go into what is supposed to be a place to protect the goon’s sister, but…IT’S A TRAP! Pierce is waiting for them with a small army of other goons with guns.

This is when the showdown happens. Pierce (who we might as well call Cain the first murderer at this point) says he has to kill Lucifer and Lucifer is all for it, but Chloe won’t let it happen. This just turns into a game of chicken and as they stare each other down, Chloe steps in between the two dudes and pulls her gun, but Pierce shoots at her first — and he gets shot as well.

“Finish him!” an injured Pierce says of Lucifer to his goons as if he is a character on Mortal Kombat.

Gunshots pop off as Lucifer spreads his wings to protect Chloe. As they shoot, bloody feathers fly everywhere before they escape to the roof. Lucifer sees that Chloe is perfectly fine thanks to a bulletproof vest and then goes back into the action, picking off the gunman one by one before facing off against Pierce.

Pierce opens fire on Lucifer but it does nothing. Pierce busts out the sage blade he pocketed earlier and they fight as if they are in the “Beat It” video — but Lucifer gets the best of him.

Pierce dies and during his last breath, he brags about going to heaven but Lucifer has a soliloquy where he waxes poetic on how Pierce cant outrun his past and how he will end up in hell. Soon after this enraging speech, Lucifer sheds his handsome mug to reveal his devil face. That’s when Chloe comes in and sees it. She’s clearly in shock as she says “It’s all true!”

Thus ends Lucifer. Whether or not we’ll see if Chloe and Lucifer, with his new devilish makeover, live happily ever after is unknown — but at least Pierce is dead, right?

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