Jordan Klepper To Donald Trump: Dump Rudy, Hire Hottie To Battle “Beefcake” Michael Avenatti

Jordan Klepper
Comedy Central

You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti somewhere in the TV news landscape, Jordan Klepper noted on The Opposition.

President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, aka “what would happen if Entourage and The Sopranos did a crossover episode,” was “the real deal” in that “he’s not some elitist who went to the best college, he went to the opposite of that,” Klepper noted.

But Cohen got sidelined after the FBI raided his office and home. Trump hired well-known figure Rudy Giuliani who, in a race with Avenatti, has been running the court, “dancing through arguments like a sack of marbles falls down a flight of stairs.”

So, why is everyone lauding Avenatti, but attacking Rudy for the same strategy?

“It’s obviously not because Avenatti brings an endless stream of damaging information about the president, and Rudy sounds like a Halloween-store skeleton running out of batteries,” Klepper insisted.

It’s because TV is all about one thing: sex appeal. And “beefcake lawyer” Michael Avenatti is hot, Klepper said. GivingĀ  the vapors to The Ladies of The View hot.

Rudy Giuliani, we can all agree, is not. Klepper has that fixed.

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