Blockchain VOD Platform Binge Buys Fulwell 73’s ‘Beyond Bitcoin’ In Seven-Figure Deal – Cannes

Bitcoin is bubbling in Cannes… tech firm Slate Entertainment Group has acquired Fulwell 73’s cryptocurrency documentary Beyond Bitcoin for its blockchain video-on-demand platform Binge.

The seven figure deal is one of a number of crypto-based movements revealed at the market, coming 24 hours Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival revealed that become the first major movie fest to accept cryptocurrency.

The doc, which is directed by Jake Witzenfeld, tells the story of crypto financier Ryan Radloff, blockchain diplomat Perianne Boring and controversial anarcho-capitalist Roger Ver over the course of one year on their separate journeys to decentralize and redefine money and power.

It covers the rise of altcoins, the civil war within the crypto community, the proliferation of ICOs, the evolving conversation with governments and regulators and the potential of blockchain technology beyond its application to currency.

Beyond Bitcoin, which will launch in March 2019, is produced by James Corden-backed Fulwell 73 and Conch Studios. The deal was struck by Slate Entertainment Group consultant XYZ Films. “We are going beyond the Bitcoin price hype. This is a global portrait of an emerging future in all its complexity told through the lives of three diverse and deeply passionate pioneering dreamers,” said Witzenfeld.

“As a company, we are always looking for new and innovative distribution platforms, new ways to reach and engage with our audience and for the ideal partners for our content. Binge is the perfect fit for our film and is the natural place for viewers to find and engage with this content. The excitement for us as content creators is that they offer unprecedented transparency, cutting-edge analytics, and guaranteed payment terms, all of which empower producers like ourselves and offer a very different distribution option than those currently on the market,” said Fulwell 73 Co-Founder Leo Pearlman.

SEG CEO Michael Moyal added, “We are thrilled to have Beyond Bitcoin on the Binge platform. The film provides an objective look at the potential for blockchain to disrupt numerous industries including entertainment. We at SEG share the filmmakers’ conviction that blockchain technology will help to facilitate our goal of adding fairness and accountability to the production and distribution of documentaries, feature films and series.”

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