‘Lethal Weapon’ Season Finale: Riggs’ Fate In Question Amidst Clayne Crawford’s Likely Exit

Mike Yarish/FOX

With Clayne Crawford’s potential departure, the recasting of his character, and a looming season renewal, the Lethal Weapon off-screen, real-life drama seems more intriguing than the actual show. Nonetheless, it was business as usual on Tuesday night when Fox aired the season two finale.

The season finale, titled “One Day More” was action-packed as expected with Murtagh (Damon Wayans) and Riggs (Crawford) getting ambushed in Rigg’s trailer. Turns out that Murtagh was the target here and not Riggs as everyone suspected. To add to that, Trish (Keesha Sharp) has been kidnapped by Riggs’ toxic, abusive daddy Nathan (Rex Linn) because she found out that her money laundering co-worker Alan was in cahoots with Nathan. He kidnapped her and demanded that she shell out $2 million.

Naturally, the next step in this kidnapping situation would be a moment of bargaining and trade involving Rigg’s half-brother Garrett (Peter Coventry Smith). Nathan also managed to threatened harm to Molly and her son — which doesn’t sit to well with Riggs, obviously. All of this eventually goes nowhere and leads to an all-out father-son brawl. Faces were punched, head wounds were had (mainly Nathan), trailers were blown up, and Riggs was stabbed by his dad. At one point, Nathan was strangling his son but Murtagh swopped in to save the day after saving Trish.

In the end, everyone cleaned up after the battle. With Nathan was out of commission, Riggs decided that it was time for him to move back to Texas with Molly and her son.  After his going away party, Riggs decided to visit Miranda’s grave. Just when we all thought he would have a touching moment of solace and peace, here comes Garrett to shoot him in the chest. Thus, giving us a cliffhanger that is suitable for Crawford’s pending exit.

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