John Krasinski & Aaron Sorkin Chateau Marmont Project Back In The Works

John Krasinski

EXCLUSIVE: A long-awaited John Krasinski/ Aaron Sorkin Chateau Marmont project is back in the works, Krasinski has exclusively told Deadline.

Way back in 2011, a miniseries about the fabled Hollywood hotel was planned at HBO, and now, after a long period on ice, it’s back on track.

“That is one of the projects that I’m very attached to, and it’s coming back around,” Krasinski said. “Aaron Sorkin and I were going to do it at HBO. We were taking our time with it, and then Aaron got busy with everything Aaron’s been busy with, and it just went slowly away.”

This latest incarnation has been spurred on by a new, upcoming book, Krasinski explained. “Recently, the incredible author of Paul Newman’s biography, Shawn Levy, is writing a biography on the Chateau Marmont called The Castle on Sunset,” he said. “So we just bought the rights to that book and we’re going to give it another shot.”

With the resounding success of Krasinski’s film A Quiet Place, it seems possible he may have his eye on directing this new Sorkin-penned piece.

As for the tone of the project, he said: “I need to connect to stories with my heart, and so I wouldn’t want to make anything that was glitzy or salacious or anything like that. My idea was to do a Gosford Park-style upstairs-downstairs version of not only a hotel, but a hotel with secrets, with protection, with history.”

The hotel certainly offers plenty of potential material, as Krasinski pointed out.


“The history of the Chateau Marmont is the history of Hollywood, from its inception,” he said. “It was built as an apartment building in the 1930s, and then when the great crash happened, they turned it into a hotel to make money. In the ’40s, during World War II, there was a Japanese fighter plane seen around Santa Monica, and everyone ran into the basement of the Marmont, because it was the only earthquake-proof basement at the time, so they thought it might also be bombproof.”

At the heart of Hollywood history, Krasinski said the hotel encapsulated more than just the industry. “These are stories that go much further beyond just Hollywood. My take on it is, Hollywood is the inside of a snow globe, and the Chateau is the glass holding it all together.”

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