Seth Meyers: Donald Trump Is First Client To Plead Insanity On Behalf Of His Lawyer


Seth Meyers, like his late-night counterparts at other networks, focused on Rudy Giuliani’s scorched-earth march through the TV news landscape to clean up his new client’s lies, only to make matters worse.

President Trump originally insisted that he had nothing to do with the payment attorney Michael Cohen made to porn star Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence, didn’t know anything about the payment, and did not know where Cohen got the money to make the payment.

Meanwhile, Cohen claimed he never told Trump about the payment, and Trump never reimbursed him.

“Then Trump hired Count Chocula’s bookie as his lawyer and he went on TV and completely blew up that story,” Meyers said. “Giuliani told everyone Trump had reimbursed Cohen for that payment and Trump knew what it was for.” Next day, Trump tweeted what was, in effect, confirmation.

Then, Trump talked to reporters late Friday and tried to walk back Rudy’s comments, even though he had confirmed them, saying Rudy did not know what he was talking about, is new to the job, and did not get his facts straight.

“Yeah, give the kid a break. He’s only 73 going on Nosferatu,” Meyers joked of Rudy, calling Trump, “the first client who’s going to plead insanity on behalf of his lawyer.”

“What this episode should make blindingly obvious is, if it hadn’t already been obvious…since he first claimed that Obama wasn’t born here, is that Trump and his inner circle are serial, habitual liars,” Meyers charged. “They lie constantly and they do it on purpose. This case is as clear-cut as you can possibly get, and the media need to call these what they are, lies.”

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