Alec Baldwin Helps Joe Piscopo Explain Stormy Daniels’ ‘SNL’ Booking To His Kids


Alec Baldwin came to the rescue of Joe Piscopo after the Saturday Night Live alum got the vapors when porn star Stormy Daniels appeared on the NBC show.

“My old alma mater, I love them, I’m so loyal to SNL. But Stormy Daniels on SNL? Lorne Michaels doesn’t even ask me to go on SNL. Stormy Daniels? I thought it was way, way, over the line and totally unnecessary, Maria.” Piscopo hyperventilated Monday morning to Fox Business Network star Maria Bartiromo. He praised Ben Stiller, Jimmy Fallon and Scarlett Johansson in the all-star sketch, adding, “but you know what? Don’t put Stormy Daniels in there. What do I tell my kids? Dad, how do I get on Saturday Night Live? ‘Well you be an adult film star.’ I mean, really?”

Baldwin to the rescue, via Twitter:

“You tell them Trump is a compulsive adulterer who pays off porn stars w $ from dubious sources. What else?” he suggested. Very nice of him, given that Piscopo had not included Baldwin in his great reviews from the show’ cold open.


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