Harvey Weinstein Taps Alan Dershowitz To Help With TWC Bankruptcy

Alan Dershowitz

Having never met a camera he didn’t like nor a high-profile case that he couldn’t contribute to, it should be no surprise that Alan Dershowitz has joined the cast of characters in The Weinstein Company bankruptcy case.

Perhaps hoping to see another reversal of fortune, disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein has brought the cable new regular onboard as a consultant in the proceeding in U.S. Court in Delaware.

“If Mr. Weinstein were ever to be charged with a crime, he would of course have a constitutional right to all of his emails and other exculpatory materials, under Brady, Giglio and their progeny,” the Harvard Law professor said in a declaration submitted today with other material by Weinstein’s lawyers (read it here).

As he has in other cases, the much accused and investigated Weinstein is trying to grab ahold of his TWC correspondence and files as the company he co-founded goes through a death spiral of sorts. Following an expose by the New York Times in early October, Weinstein has been accused by dozens and dozens of women of sexual harassment and assault. He is presently being investigated by the NYPD, UK police and has seen the LAPD and the Beverley Hills Police submit findings to the LA County D.A. Earlier this week, Ashley Judd sued Weinstein on claims that he tried to torpedo her career because she wouldn’t submit to his sexual advances.

In that context and the straining bankruptcy, contrarian and once O.J. lawyer Dershowitz has leaped in – even as TWC said last month that Weinstein’s document request has zero to do with the bankruptcy. A POV that Dershowitz rejects.

“I believe that his lawyer also has a constitutional right to these materials while there are ongoing criminal investigations in order to present prosecutors with exculpatory information that could persuade them not to bring charges,” Dershowitz adds in his declaration Thursday. “Moreover, basic fairness dictates that Mr. Brafman be given exculpatory information now rather than later, since such information could prevent false charges from being filed,” he adds. “The exculpatory emails have no legitimate commercial value to the bankrupt company. Their only value – and it is not commercial – is to Mr. Brafman and his client in their efforts to achieve justice.”

“If helpful to the Court, at the appropriate time I will prepare a memorandum of law providing legal support for the claims made above,” Dershowitz declares, already casting a bigger role for himself, unsurprisingly.

And the circus goes on.

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