Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Mike Myers To Probe “Raid” On Dr. Bornstein Office


ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel was pleased to see Dr. Harold Bornstein back in the news. President Donald Trump’s former doctor famously issued that report declaring Trump’s health so astounding he would, if elected, be the healthiest POTUS in history.

This week, however, Bornstein claimed Trump sent three big men to raid his Park Avenue office and remove all trace of Trump, including medical records, and demand he take down Trump’s photo on the wall. Bornstein also claimed the wackadoodle letter of epic healthiness had been composed by Trump.

“Bornstein now says Trump dictated the letter to him. So Trump is a dictator,” Kimmel joked on JKL, noting the doctor said he actually had refused to include some of Trump’s wilder health claims in the document, “which means that was the toned-downed version!”

Saying how happy he always is when a “fun characters from Season 1 pops up unexpectedly,” Kimmel introduced his viewers to Dr Bornstein who had agreed to speak live from his office.

“May I say, in the long history of talk show hosts, you are unequivocally the most virile and vigorous one of them all,” Bornstein, aka Mike Myers, gushed.

“Do you need any pills: upper, downers, boner stuff? That bald spot still bothering you?… How are the erections?” the doctor asked ingratiatingly.

Kimmel focused on the breaking news, asking if “Bornstein still is standing by claims Trump reps ransacking his office.

“Jimala, do I look like a liar?…No I look like a troll which hurts less when I say it first,” “Bornstein” said, answering his own question.

Kimmel noted Bornstein claims the “raid” was conducted two days after he told NYT Trump used Propecia for hair loss.

“Come on, do you think it’s just Propecia?!” “Bornstein” shot back, introducing a Hot/Cold game into the festivities.

Kimmel: “Is it sexually transmitted disease? Chlamydia maybe?”

“Bornstein: “You’re getting warmer!”

Kimmel: “Gonorrhea?”

“Bornstein”: “You’re red hot!”

Eventually Kimmel hit on “syphilis” and “Bornstein” began to ring a large bell, but told Kimmel, “I can’t comment on former patients medical condition. That’s private information; you should know that,” telling viewers, “Follow me on Twitter!”

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