Post-‘Sex And The City’, Sarah Jessica Parker Explores Another Side Of New York In ‘Blue Night’ – Watch

In Fabien Constant’s Blue NightSarah Jessica Parker returns to New York City but in a different light than the glitz seen in her iconic TV series Sex and the City. 

While Carrie Bradshaw searched for true love in the city that never sleeps, Parker’s aging jazz diva Vivienne Carala grapples with the meaning of life in the city of loneliness. Her Vivienne receives a life-changing medical diagnosis that catapults her into a journey across Gotham where she encounters and sorts her life with a melange of characters, from her Uber driver to her manager (Common), her fastidious mother (Jacqueline Bisset), her ex-husband and teenage daughter.

For those on the Croisette now, they’ll find fashion documentarian-turned-feature film director Constant’s drama an ode to Agnes Varda’s French New Wave title Cleo From 5 to 7, in which a female singer awaits her doctor’s dooming medical report while she loses herself to the streets of Paris. AMBI Media Group is handling foreign sales on Blue Night with CAA repping domestic rights.

Parker, who premiered the film at Tribeca last month says that there were many French cinematic homages, however, “what we wanted most was to be inspired by a story than a movie.” She also shared with us that the chances of a Sex and the City reunion occurring are quite slim, especially with her fellow castmember Cynthia Nixon running for New York State governor.

While Oscar-winner Common was committed to Blue Night from the onset knowing “SJP’s” attachment, he was moved by the script’s beauty: “This is a story that makes me look at life, and appreciate life and also think about relationships that really matter.”

Renée Zellweger, Simon Baker, Taylor Kinney, Jacqueline Bisset, Waleed Zuaiter and Gus Birney also star. Take a look at our video interview above with Parker, Constant and the cast’s inspirations in making the film. Parker also produced and shepherded Blue Night under her Pretty Matches Productions.

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