Kathy Griffin Tells Seth Meyers About Getting Tossed Into Presidential Wood Chipper

Sean Hannity is obsessed with Kathy Griffin, the comic told Late Night host Seth Meyers on Tuesday, boasting that the Fox News star tweeted about her having attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, in reference to the “Trump mask with the ketchup” incident that “changed my life.”

About the media’s reaction to that severed Trump head mask photo shoot, Griffin began to tell Meyers a story about hearing from Matt Lauer that day, then cut herself off saying, “Oh, sorry — NBC” and making a hand gesture while shouting “allegedly!”

Griffin said the photo of her holding a mask of Trump’s head covered in blood had been intended to shame the President, because “he’s such a misogynist, and his politics are “so disgusting.”

“I was just trying to make a statement, and truly did not think people would think it was an actual severed head, like I would go to a severed-head warehouse,” she said. The comic speculated the photo might have played out better had it been delivered to the world “post-Weinstein” and in the midst of the #MeToo movement. Instead, she said, she was “too soon.”

Her mistake, she now realizes, was in not knowing she was “part of the Trump wood chipper.”

“At that time he had only done it to political figures. But what he did to me –it’s historic, it’s never happened where a sitting President has used the power of the Oval Office, and then the Fox News Machine,” she said. “And TMZ was recording my tour cancellations in real time because of bomb threats, which I later found out were robo-calls.”

“I honestly did not know they had this apparatus already in place,” Griffin said. “So they just kind of put me in the Colin Kaepernick wood chipper. And they bring me up on Fox whenever it’s Mueller Time. They bring me up; they bring up Maxine Waters  So I’m now in their group of people to go for.”

This article was printed from https://deadline.com/2018/05/kathy-griffin-donald-trump-sean-hannity-severed-head-photo-seth-meyers-white-houe-corresponents-dinner-video-1202381046/