‘Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks’: 1975 Movie Headed To U.S. Theaters For One Night

Fathom Events

Doctor Who is coming to a movie theater near you. BBC Studios Americas and Fathom Events are teaming for a one-night-only U.S. theatrical release of Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks, the 1975 movie starring Tom Baker. The never-before-seen 90-minute director’s cut will hit big screens Monday, June 11.

The film will be followed by an exclusive interview with Baker, who embodied the Time Lord for a record seven seasons, from 1974-81. Genesis of the Daleks combines episodes from the iconic sci-fi series’ 12th season, which will be released on home video June 19.

Fathom Events

Here’s the movie’s logline: The Fourth Doctor and his companions Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) and Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) are transported thousands of years into the past to the ancient planet Skaro where they are given a mission from the Time Lords to prevent the evil scientist Davros from introducing to the universe the most destructive race of killing machines ever created, the Daleks.

“Our Doctor Who events are always a great opportunity for Whovians to gather at the cinema and experience their favorite content together,” Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt said. Added Julie Dill, VP Franchise Marketing, Creative and Partnerships at BBC Studios Americas, “We continuously strive to provide special moments for Doctor Who fans, and we think this is a really fun and unique opportunity to see the popular Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, in Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks while surrounded by other Whovians in a theater setting,”

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