Ana Navarro: Give Nobel Peace Prize To Michelle Wolf For WHCD Gig

Michelle Wolf

UPDATED with video: Michelle Wolf deserves the Nobel Peace Price for her performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner, CNN commentator Ana Navarro insisted this morning.

Wolf, at Saturday’s event, accomplishing what “nobody else has been able to do: get Trump supporters to actually go on TV and defend women from being skewered and offended for their looks,” the Republican talking head insisted to New Day co-anchor Alisyn Camerota.

“I have sat here now for I don’t know how many months, hearing people tell me that I should take it as a joke when Donald Trump goes after  Elizabeth Warren, Mika Brzezinski, Carly Fiorina – we could go through the entire morning with me telling you the women whose looks he has gone after,” Navarro said.

“It’s supposed to not be serious when the President of the United States, or candidate Trump did it. But it’s supposed to be dead serious –  let us all clutch our pearls! – when a comedian does it?! Give me a damned break!”

Navarro brought up the Nobel Peace Prize idea because, just before Wolf’s appearance at the dinner, Trump held a rally at which his base began to shout “Nobel! Nobel!” when he brought up plans to meet with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un to discuss de-nuclear-izing that country.

Given time on CNN to respond to Navarro’s remarks, Trump surrogate Jason Miller insisted comparing POTUS savaging women based on their physical appearance to Wolf’s performance on stage was apples and bananas.

“At the risk of diving into a master class episode of what-about-ism, I think they are two completely different things,” Miller began.

“Saturday night was supposed to be about the future of journalism and celebrating up and coming journalists. What the White House Correspondents Association did by putting a comedian like this up there who…I think was way out of bounds with her attacks on Sarah Sanders, was to discredit everything the journalists were trying to do,” Miller said.

Trump, on the other hand, “speaks very bluntly; he voices his opinion…What people like about Trump is that he speaks his opinion…the president is very direct. But a comedian out there who is so mean spirited and attacking Sarah right there…the president made the comment that the dinner is dead,” Miller noted, adding “the White House Correspondents Association is probably dead as well.”

When Camerota pushed back,  Miller did too, insisting “I don’t see how a terrible comedian, who wasn’t funny at all and went out with specific purpose of trying to get even because Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election in 2016…doesn’t like Trump.”

Navarro noted Wolf’s not the first comedian to scorch the administration in office and have the dinner survive, citing Don Imus’s at bat during the Clinton administration and Stephen Colbert’s appearance when George W. Bush was in office.


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