Bernardo Bertolucci Drags Ridley Scott For Replacing Kevin Spacey In ‘All The Money In The World’


Things have been quiet on the Kevin Spacey front — until today. Legendary film director Bernardo Bertolucci recently came forward to defend the disgraced ex-House of Cards actor as he slammed Ridley Scott’s decision to replace him in All the Money in the World.

According to the Italian publication il GiornaleBertolucci was attending Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari where they were previewing a restored version of The Last Tango in Paris. While there he said: “When I learned that Ridley Scott had agreed to eliminate the scenes of All the Money in the World in which Kevin Spacey was playing, I sent a message to editor Peter Scalia to tell Scott that he should be ashamed.” He went on to say that he would be open to making a film with Spacey.

His comments come months after Spacey was replaced with Christopher Plummer, who stepped into the role of J. Paul Getty in All the Money in the World following sexual assault allegations against Spacey. The role earned Plummer an Academy Award nomination.

The actor stepped into the role in November for re-shoots for director Scott as Sony then scrambled to replace all the marketing materials to erase Spacey from the film’s trailer and one-sheet. Scott had been faced with doing last-minute reshoots before when Oliver Reed died while shooting the director’s Oscar-winning Gladiator.

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