Donald Trump’s Michigan Rally Has Little Media Bashing, Plenty Of Celebrating Self, His Accomplishments & Kanye West

Donald Trump

While Michelle Wolf was hosting the White House Correspondents’ and having a grand ol’ time, Donald Trump decided, once again, to have his own rally in Washington Township, Mich. to counter what Trump called the “phony” WHCD  in the “other” Washington.

Trump’s move to throw a celebratory rally in his honor is a repeat from last year when he threw another MAGA shindig in Harrisburg, Pa. while Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj hosted the WHCD. Last year, Trump was the first sitting President to skip out on the WHCD since Ronald Reagan missed it during the first year of his administration as he was recovering from an assassination attempt

This year’s rally was unsurprisingly a Trump’s celebration of self and his accomplishments since he took office nearly 16 months ago. Surrounded by a crowd of supporters who cheered every single word uttered out of his mouth, was clearly a better option for Trump than being in a room where everyone wasn’t a fan of him. This way, it would be guaranteed that he would get the praised he sought out.

“I would much rather be in Washington, Michigan tan in Washington, D.C. right now,” Trump admitted.

Surprisingly, Trump’s rally, which lasted over an hour, hardly bashed the media. There were moments where he uttered his favorite phrase “fake news,” but other than that, his dragging of the media was kept at a minimum. Instead, he did what he did best: talk about all of the accomplishments that have happened since he took office.

Trump’s rally was a smattering of Trumpian stuff that the world has watched like a river littered with mass-produced Ivanka Trump shoes since Jan. 20. It was all over the map, but his supporters devoured every single minute of it.

He pretty much hit all the checkboxes when speaking. He talked about the size of the crowd saying “we could have filled this place up 5 or 6 times” with the people waiting outside. He praised his work on the tax cuts, Justice Gorsuch, defending the American flag, and of course, his wall, which prompted a “build that wall” chant from the audience.

Then he went on to criticize James Comey, calling him a “liar and leaker” and from there the rally just went on and on and on with Trump’s signature slams on Democrats and lots of patting himself on the back. He took jabs at Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and then would turn around and champion how great the economy is doing and the strength of America’s military. It was the same potpourri of Trump fare that the world is used to smelling. At one point he started to share the praise saying, “Nobody’s done what we’ve done.” This included the unemployment rate which he said has gone down for African Americans, Latinos and women. He saw this as a good opportunity to fold Kanye West into the rally, who made headlines this week for his pro-Trump tweets. “Kanye gets it!” he exclaimed.

Trump touched on the talks of collusion between him and Russia saying, “The only collusion is the Democrats colluded with the Russians and the Democrats colluded with lots of other people.”

The MAGA-fest was essentially a self-made playlist of Trump’s greatest hits. If anything it was a push for his fans to vote Republican in the upcoming midterm election as he said, “A vote for a Democrat in November is a vote for open borders, and be careful of your second amendment.”

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