Jimmy Kimmel Wraps Marvel Marathon With Billy Eichner, ‘Avengers’ Spoilers


Jimmy Kimmel kicked off Night 4 of his late-night show’s Marvel Marathon announcing a special promotion in honor of The Avengers, telling his audience if they can name all 64 superheroes rumored to be in the film they win back their virginity.

Cast members Benedict Cumberbatch, Don Cheadle, Elizabeth Olsen and Winston Duke stopped by to discuss promoting the film around the world. Cumberbatch, who explains he plays one of the franchise’s “inner-life concentrating characters,” appropriately visited a Buddhist temple while plugging the movie, where he sat on the floor and took in “this incredible wisdom which will serve us throughout our lives and then had group meditation, which was properly profound.”

But first, Billy Eichner, aka Namor the Sub-Mariner, interrupted the JKL taping, to complain he was not in the movie.

“Even Hawkeye is in the friggin movie,” Eichner/Namor whined.

“He shoots arrows. You know who also shoots arrows, Jimmy? My nephew Jared in summer camp.”

Cast members told Kimmel that if they wanted to read the entire script, they had to sit alone in a room from which it could not be removed. Otherwise, they were given just their lines. Most opted out of room sequestering.

Except Cumberbatch, who said,  “I on the other hand come from this weird little wet damp island called England and we’ve got a literary body of work….

“You can read.  I think that’s what you’re trying to say in a nice way,” Kimmel translated.

Cumberbatch explained, by way of letting Kimmel’s crowd know he’s a thespian who has performed Shakespeare, that “sometimes even Shakespearean actors had to do what Avengers actors do and just get their lines.”

Then, Kimmel’s Avengers guests revealed “spoilers” from the movie.

“I run really fast.”

“I see a train and wear ripped jeans.”

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