Nicollette Sheridan On Her ‘Desperate Housewives’ Lawsuit: “I Was A Victim Of Assault”


Actress Nicollette Sheridan opened up today about her years-long legal battle against Desperate Housewives and various executives affiliated with the show, saying she regretted not speaking up sooner.

Appearing on the CBS show The Talk, Sheridan – who now is a part of the Dynasty series on the CW – talked about her years of legal entanglements in her wrongful dismissal suit. Sheridan has contended that her character was suddenly killed off in early 2009 because of complaints she made over an alleged head-hitting incident on the Desperate Housewives set involving executive producer and series creator Marc Cherry.

The original case ended in a mistrial when the jury deadlocked. The various appeals and motions for retrials have since wound their way through the legal system on various matters. The most recent ruling in 2017 tossed the suit, claiming there was ample evidence Sheridan’s dismissal was a creative decision.

On today’s The Talk, Sheridan said the case was still difficult to talk about. “I was a victim of assault and battery by my boss on the set,” she claimed, “and I reported him and was retaliated against and fired off the show. All of which is illegal. There was nobody to stand up for me. I felt like I needed to stand up for myself.”

Sheridan praised the #metoo movement and its participants for their courage. “It’s a wonderful time for women, I feel. People are speaking out…and I would like to say that it takes a lot of courage because it is very scary. And my biggest regret was I didn’t speak out earlier and I just relied on the legal system because when I heard people coming out about the sexual abuse, it was such a relief for me to feel that others were speaking up for themselves and they’re being heard and they’re not be vilified because I was definitely being vilified… it took a long time to heal, but I’m back.”


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