‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Crushes $179M In 3 Days Overseas; Record Global Bow In Sight


SATURDAY UPDATE: With a Friday that was worth about $83.5M, Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War has grossed $178.5M in three days at the international box office. As we noted yesterday, the epic from Anthony and Joe Russo is on the path to a superpowered opening above $300M overseas. Combined with the domestic expectation of $245M+, the worldwide bow will be well in excess of $500M and should topple the all-time record set by The Fate Of The Furious ($543M) last year .

What makes the Infinity War debut extra extraordinary is that China is not in this opening mix of markets. Ditto Russia. F8 had both of those and because of that, Thor, Thanos and the rest of the gang should finish the weekend owning the No. 2 all-time slot for offshore openings with F8 maintaining No. 1 at $444.2M.

Mexico was among the major openers on Friday while Korea since Wednesday, and including the local Saturday estimate, is at a massive $29M. We’ll be back with full details on the international weekend tomorrow.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY UPDATE: On Thursday, Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War added 22 markets and $55M to bring the total to $95M over two days at the international box office. This epic continues to pace ahead of all other MCU releases in most markets, and while it’s early yet to call a full weekend number, it is very possible Infinity War wages hell on many previous offshore debuts. It could get to $300M and beyond. That would top Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Like stablemate SWTFA, Infinity War does not have China in the opening suite and that makes the debut already extra impressive. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part Two is the No. 3 international opening of all time at $314M, and it didn’t have the Middle Kingdom either. The one caveat on Infinity War is how much front-loading plays a part.

But let’s look at what we know now for sure. Continuing the trend we saw from Wednesday’s offshore openers, the Avengers, Guardians, Thanos and his crew took the No. 1 spot in all market bows on Thursday. (Wednesday ultimately came in at $40M, a touch higher than the $39M estimate below.)

The Joe Russo- and Anthony Russo-helmed epic collected more records on Thursday, including the biggest opening day in history in Brazil. The superhero-loving market took $4.8M at open on Thursday. The UK assembled $8.9M for Disney’s 3rd highest opening day and the biggest MCU opening day of all time with 89% market share. Both of those hubs typically finish in the Top 5 of Marvel movie grosses. Korea, another major that goes mad for Marvel, has upped its gross to $11.4M after two days in play and is the current leader.

Korea and Brazil are also among the host of markets that have set industry highs for their openings. Here’s the rest of that list: the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Central America, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and the UAE.

Thanos also collected Infinity Stones for the first time in Germany on Thursday, notching the best superhero start of all time, and with 85% of the share. Argentina logged the 2nd highest opening day in industry history with 83%. In the rest of Latin America, market shares in each country were above 90%.

Further superhero records landed in Austria, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, the Middle East, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. Market shares, likewise, are upwards of 80%.

Internationally, IMAX screens have already earned an estimated $5.1M through Thursday.

PREVIOUS, THURSDAY: Disney/Marvel’s superpower-packed Avengers: Infinity War shot off with a $39M start in 21 material markets at the international box office on Wednesday. It opened No. 1 in all release markets, and set industry record launches for Day One in many. This is a Thanos-sized bow.

The Anthony Russo- and Joe Russo-directed battle for the universe is currently pacing ahead of all other MCU titles in most markets. It’s early though, and a comprehensive comparison would be premature considering the comps often opened on different days for the current markets in release. Ahead of the start of rollout today, industry sources pegged the full offshore weekend bow from $256M-$263M with some also seeing it reach $275M. The latter is not out of the question.

The Top 5 openers on Wednesday are Australia ($6.7M), Korea ($6.5M), France ($3.9M), Italy ($3.9M) and the Philippines ($2.7M).

Breaking it down, Chris Hemsworth’s home country did the Thor actor proud with the 2nd highest opening day in industry history, behind only Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Infinity War, in which the son of Odin is prominent, took 77% of the Australia market share on Wednesday.

Korea, which is typically in the ultimate Top 5s of Marvel titles, had a massive 95% market share with the biggest opening day in industry history in terms of tickets sold.

In France, the launch day is the best April start ever and the top MCU opening day of all time. I saw the movie last night in a small multiplex in Aix-en-Provence. For the first showing in English (ie, not dubbed into French) at 9:15PM, the place was jamming. The theater’s staff was decked out in Spider-Man, Captain America and, somewhat incongruously (although maybe just getting in an early plug), Deadpool costumes. The theater manager calmed anxious patrons in the concession line that the movie wouldn’t start until everyone was seated, and then proceeded to take a picture of the packed room. This is not a normal occurrence.

Italy, benefiting from the Liberation Day holiday, scored the 3rd highest opening day in industry history and the biggest superhero and Disney start ever. The Philippines, where we’ve been hearing of sold-out shows, had a hulking 97% of the market go see Infinity War.

Outside the Top 5, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan each collected $1.8M with the two former the biggest opening days in industry history. Taiwan clocked the 2nd best industry debut, and the best for the MCU — the market share there was 94%.

Malaysia ($1.5M), Hong Kong ($1.4M) and Vietnam ($1.3M) had the best bows ever in the industry. In the rest of Europe, the guys and gals of the Avengers, Guardians and Thanos’ crew scored the best superhero Day One for Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden.

Today sees further openings in Germany, the UK and Brazil along with another 19 hubs. The film will be in around 72% of the international marketplace by Sunday.

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