Donald Trump Dodges Michael Cohen, Praises Kanye West And Anderson Cooper In ‘Fox & Friends’ Phoner

Donald Trump
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A revved up President Donald Trump called in to Fox & Friends this morning to wish his personal attorney Michael Cohen well in taking the Fifth, but insisted the FBI raid on Cohen had nothing to do with him. In a rollicking exchange, Trump complimented Kanye West on his “great taste,” and praised CNN’s Anderson Cooper for his town-hall questioning of “Leakin’ Liar” James Comey.

To the chagrin, presumably, of his attorneys, Trump spoke at length about the FBI raid on Cohen. “Michael is a businessman, he’s got a business, he also practices law.  Probably the big thing is his business,” Trump explained. “They’re looking into things having to do with his business. I have nothing to do with his business, I can tell you.”

Trump insisted Cohen handles only a “tiny little fraction” of his legal dealing, “like this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, and from what I see he did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Trump said he hoped Cohen is “in great shape,” reiterating, “I have been told I’m not  involved.”

Trump dodged a question as to whether he wants to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller who is leading the probe into Russian election meddling, instead launching into another tirade against the FBI.

“Comey is a leaker and a liar; he’s been leaking for years,” Trump said in his stream-of-consciousness phoner. He continued to insist the information in the memo Comey wrote about their first meeting and then gave to a friend to leak, in substance, to The New York Times, was “totally classified” and the leak illegal. Trump also denied he told Comey he had not spent the night in Moscow while there for the Miss Universe Pageant, as Comey wrote.

“Of course I stayed there a very short period of time. I never said I left immediately. And he does these memos and then goes on Fake News CNN,” Trump complained.

“He is guilty of crime sand if we had a Justice Department doing their job” Comey would be punished, Trump argued. When reminded he’s in charge of that department, Trump shot back, “Because of the fact they have this witch hunt going on against the President of the United States, I’ve taken the position – and maybe I’ll change –  I will not be involved with the Justice Department and will wait until it’s all over.”

Asked about his previous day’s Twitter exchange with Kanye West, Trump simpered “he’s got good taste” and applauded West for “sticking to his guns.”

Trump said if he held a rally in Washington D.C. the city would be flooded with millions of supporters.  He also accused CBS, NBC and ABC of trying to “suppress the vote.” And he said he did not have time to go out and buy a birthday present for First Lady Melania Trump, but gave her a card and flowers, praising her for pulling off so well his first state dinner. It was hard to keep up.

Trump was coy about arrangements to meet with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un, saying he had “incredible pictures of CIA chief/Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo meeting with Kim which he said lasted about an hour. Trump patted himself on the back for taking the relationship from “very nasty, with Little Rocket Man and My Button’s Bigger Than His Button” to the upcoming meeting. But, he reiterated he will “walk out quickly with respect” if the meeting does not go well for the U.S.

Trump again blasted “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd” for suggesting he’s made concessions to get the meeting. “I haven’t given up anything!” Trump bellowed. “They’ve given up testing, research – and gave it up before we even asked!”

That seemed to trigger another screed against Fox News competitors, despite F&F hosts best efforts to move away from naming competitors on air. They told Trump they recommend he watch less of them.

“I don’t watch NBC  any more. They’re as bad as CNN! And, by the way, I made them a fortune with The Apprentice,” the President of the United States complained of his coverage on NBC. “You would think these guys would treat me great!”

Trump insisted he does not watch any of the news networks he’s branded “Fake,” saying that doing so keeps him “on the ball” and keeps his “sanity.”

“And it works very well,” Trump said, then immediately spoke at length about CNN’s town hall with Comey. “I will say this, Anderson Cooper was surprisingly tough; he did a good job.”

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