Donald Trump And Kanye West Having Twitter Bromance; White House Ducks Invitation Question


UPDATED with Trump, West tweets: President Donald Trump this afternoon thanked Kanye West for all the tweets of admiration.

“Thank you, Kanye. Very cool!” Trump tweeted with a link to Kanye’s outpouring.

Kanye responded with tweets showing off his signed MAGA hat, and boasting that he’s just heard billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel “would like to take a meeting”:


Earlier in the day, White House correspondents, who got wind of Kanye’s week’s worth of short-form love-letters to POTUS, asked if a White House visit was in the offing.

”Rap superstar Kanye West has been in the news lately for supporting the president and expressing his admiration for the president,” a correspondent told White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders at the daily briefing, in case she wasn’t certain which Kanye West he was referencing.

“Covering all range of comments today,” Sanders grinned, eliciting giggles in the hall.

“I’m curious whether the president has reached out to Kanye West and whether he would be willing to meet with him at the White House,” the reporter continued, undaunted.

‘I don’t know of any conversations that they have had over the last week or so,” Sanders answered, using her trademark dodge. “I’ll keep you posted if that changes any time,” she added, don’t-hold-your-breath-ily.

That triggered muttering in the room, causing Sanders quickly to add, “Sorry, I know they met during transition,” President-elect Trump and Kanye having famously met, and posed, at Trump Tower in December of ’16:

“That’s the only meeting I’m aware of that’s taken place, or conversation – before everyone has a meltdown and thinks that we had a meeting last week,” she snarked.

About the same time Sanders was saying she was not aware of recent conversation between the two men, their twitter bromance was blossoming.  No hand-holding or dandruff grooming, like Trump’s other bromance this week with France’s President Emmanuel Macron. But, much hat-wearing, hand gesturing and tweet-linking.

West tweeted this:

…and Trump responded with this:

Wednesday, as he had for days, West continued to tweet his “love” of  Trump, praising POTUS’s  “dragon energy” and calling him “my brother”:

Apparently after hearing from wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye clarified:

Previous night, West tweeted “2024,” which seemed to be by way of reminding people of his political aspirations. Kanye had first announced his intention to make a run at the White House  in a 2015 MTV Awards announcement; back then he said he was going to run in 2020, but he changed that to 2024, apparently after doing the math and realizing Trump would be running again that year:


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