Donald Trump Tweet-Attacks “Silent” Press After Arizona Special Election

Donald Trump
Associated Press

President Donald Trump tweeted congratulations this morning to Republican Debbie Lesko on Tuesday night’s win in the special election for Arizona House seat, blasting that “Press is so silent” on the subject.

Press, in fact, was not silent, Lesko’s win being one of Wednesday morning’s talking points.

NBC News, for instance, noted Lesko’s relatively narrow margin of victory over physician and first-time candidate Hiral Tipirneni may concern Republicans, Trump having carried the district in the conservative Western Phoenix suburbs by 21 percentage points. Previous office occupant, Trent Franks, a Republican, ran unopposed, NBC reminded.

Franks resigned in December after it came to light he had asked female staffers about surrogacy, saying in a statement that his wife struggled with infertility.

And CNN reported both parties were celebrating the election results, Dems buoyed by the narrow margin, while Republicans see it as a sign the party has stemmed the tide of recent Dem wins in states where Trump did well.

New York Times agreed with both, reporting it demonstrates the resilience of the Republican base and the eagerness of liberals to compete even in very conservative districts. Fueling Lesko’s win, outside GOP groups spent more than $1 million to make sure the party did not suffer another electoral embarrassment.

But, as MSNBC’s Morning Joe reminded,  “a win’s a win.”

Trump’s tweet:

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