Michael Bloomberg Pledges $4.5 Million To Paris Climate Agreement

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg is sticking to his word when it comes to pledging money to cover the United States’ financial commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. On Sunday, the former New York mayor said that he would write a $4.5 million check to the pact.

Last year, Donald Trump made the controversial decision to pull out of Paris Climate Agreement. Many cities around the world said they are committed to the pact and 86 mayors said they will adopt the agreement’s goals. After Trump’s decision, Bloomberg decided to jump into action. He said that he would offer up to $15 million to support the agreement and fund the gap created by the United States due to Trump’s withdraw.

According to Reuters, Bloomberg will continue to pledge money if the United States doesn’t rejoin the agreement. “Our foundation will uphold our promise to cover any cuts to UN climate funding by the federal government,” said Bloomberg  in the statement.

The Paris Climate Agreement had the U.S. sending nearly $1 billion to the Green Climate Fund which is under the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. The U.S. was supposed to send an additional $2 billion, but Trump’s proposed budget included cuts to international climate programs — and that includes the pact.


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