How ‘Jonathan’ Caught Ansel Elgort’s Attention – Tribeca Studio

Mark Mann

After starring in Edgar Wright’s automobile action ballet Bady Driver, Ansel Elgort has another intriguing feature lined up: Jonathanwhich is making its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

Similar to Baby’s attention span, if you want to win Elgort over with an offer, a filmmaker truly has to have something special. That was the case with AFI alum Bill Oliver and this sci-fi drama he co-wrote and helmed in his feature directorial debut.

Says Elgort, “I read through the script in one go and I’m not a great reader. If a script doesn’t grab me, I don’t read it, I sort of read the first few pages and these just kept turning. I had my girlfriend in the other room, and friends over and everything, and I was easily distracted, but the script kept grabbing me.”

In the film, Elgort plays two brothers with an interesting connection, that is until one day, when one of the guys falls in love.

Co-star Suki Waterhouse equates Jonathan to “a Black Mirror episode.”

In our Tribeca interview, Oliver reveals how as a recent AFI grad, he was able to get Jonathan off the ground. For remaining showtimes during the fest, click here.

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