‘Braid’ Clip: A Demented Game Is Afoot In Mitzi Peirone’s Tribeca Thriller

From the get go, the new clip from Mitzi Peirone’s thriller Braid is wildly haunting as Handmaid’s Tale actress Madeline Brewer as a woman named Daphne who reunites with her childhood friends who have since become drug dealers. As she plays host to her friends, they begin to play a game, but as it becomes clear that Daphne is in a disturbing mental state, the game make-believe turns into a twisted, demented maze of hallucinations, role play, torture…and murder.

From the clip above, Braid was made to creepily get under your skin with its Saw adjacent storyline. Written and directed by Peirone stars Imogen Waterhouse and Sarah Hay as Daphne’s friends. They are two self-proclaimed artists whose drug dealing ways have gotten themselves into trouble. They have been given forty-eight hours to repay their vengeful drug lord. They go on the run and meet up with Daphne, in her secluded mansion, hoping to take her money to pay their debt. — but carrying out their plan won’t be easy. Daphne has grown into a dangerous schizophrenic and prisoner of the fantasy world the three created as children. In order to get the money, they are forced to take part in the aforementioned game — which, based on the clip, will not end well.

Braid will make its world premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival at 9:30 PM on Sunday April 22 at the Cinepolis Chelsea 8.


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