Robert Durst Admits He May Have Said Too Much In HBO Series ‘The Jinx’

Screen grab from NBC News

At a pre-trial hearing earlier this week in Los Angeles, real estate mogul Robert Durst was heard on a jail house recording regretting the interviews he provided HBO documentarians for its study, The Jinx, a series of conversations which ultimately led to his arrest.

In the jail call, which he made in 2015, Durst said that he realized while watching the HBO series that he “definitely had a problem.” Durst was arrested in New Orleans on March 14, 2015 and charged with killing Susan Berman, a former friend whom prosecutors believed heard Durst confessions related to the 1982 disappearance of his wife, Kathleen. Durst was arrested the day before the finale of the series because prosecutors feared that he might flee if the weight of the evidence presented in the documentary finally dawned on him.

Durst did himself no favors in the HBO series. In the finale, he makes what appears to be a confession to killing Berman, Kathleen Durst, and a Galveston, Texas neighbor, Morris Black, who was slain during a struggle over a gun. Durst was acquitted of that murder, claiming self-defense even though he said that he chopped up Black’s body and disposed of some of it in Galveston Bay.

The pre-trial hearing is on the Berman murder, but featured testimony from others regarding Durst’s propensity for rambling confessions on that and the other alleged murders.


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