Kim Jong-un Makes U-Turn Ahead Of Donald Trump Sit-Down; POTUS Tweets Victory Lap

Donald Trump Kim Jong-un

Big win for President Donald Trump on Friday as North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un made a nuclear U-turn and announced he was suspending the country’s nuclear and missile tests and shutting the country’s nuclear test site in the north.

The announcement comes as Trump’s team is negotiating with Kim’s about particulars of a hoped-for summit in the coming months. This translated statement attributed to Kim was unveiled by North Korea’s state run newspaper: “Under the proven condition of complete nuclear weapons, we no longer need any nuclear tests, mid-range and intercontinental ballistic rocket tests, and that the nuclear test site in northern area has also completed its mission.”

Trump took a victory lap via Twitter Friday afternoon. “North Korea has agreed to suspend all Nuclear Tests and close up a major test site,” POTUS tweted. “This is very good news for North Korea and the World – big progress. Looking forward to our Summit.”

Kim’s announcement comes two days after Trump expressed optimism about negotiations to meet with North Korea’s dictator, but promised to cancel the meeting, or even walk out during the summit if there are signs it “is not going to be fruitful.”

“If I think that it’s a meeting that is not going to be fruitful, we’re not going to go,” Trump told reporters at Mar-a-Lago. “If the meeting when I’m there is not fruitful, I will respectfully leave the meeting.”

Trump also said he “will remain flexible” in talks.

CNN reported Trump’s yeasty statement about possibly exiting mid-talks with Kim if things were not going well was the idea of Trump’s new national security adviser John Bolton, though the drama seems pure Celebrity Apprentice.

Also Wednesday, Trump confirmed that CIA Director/Secretary of State Candidate Mike Pompeo had already held a secret meeting with Kim in North Korea to plan for a summit between Kim and Trump; that Pompeo meeting was held over Easter weekend.

In his announcement to his citizens, Kim said he has completed all of the nuclear and missile tests needed and will now focus on economic growth for the country.


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