Samantha Bee Asks “Is Sean Hannity A Serial Killer?”


“Is Sean Hannity a serial killer? Samantha Bee asked on Full Frontal, as  a screen behind her flashed:  “Is Sean Hannity A Serial Killer? A Totally Real, Very Serious, Full Frontal Investigation.”

Normally, she said, she is not a fan of throwing together “a bunch of scary buzz words and out of context clips to support an outrageous conclusion”

“But, you know who does that all the time? Sean Hannity!” she said, describing his Fox News Channel show as an “hour long list of lies and conspiracy theories.”

“But people think it’s news because he doesn’t sweat as much as Alex ones and because he’s on a channel that calls itself ‘news’. So, yeah!” she said, and she was off.

Bee said she got to thinking about this, this week when we learned Trump’s attorney and fixer Michael Cohen did not “just pay off porn stars on Trump’s behalf, he also has another famous client.”

Sean Hannity.

Why would Sean Hannity, “a guy who made $36M last year, retain a graduate of the actual worse law school in the country, a guy whose whole business model seems to be built around blackmailing mistresses,” Bee wondered.

On air the night of the revelation, Hannity claims innocent explanation. He said he asked Cohen about legal questions when he was looking for input and perspective, and it “never rose to any level” where he “needed to tell anyone” adding that his questions “almost exclusively focused on real estate. ”

Real Estate being a “weird name for a porn star,” Bee said, leading her to believe that, unlike Trump, Hannity retained Cohen for some other non-porn-star-y reason –  something “much worse.” And Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti gave her that other thing, on air, when he said Cohen knows were “all the bodies are buried.”

Bee then ticked through the common signs of a serial killer, “according my extensive forensic research by the CBS News Show Criminal Minds” and her argument for Hannity checking off each item on that list.

Bee also called attention to the number of sheds she says Hannity has at his home. “Who needs that many sheds if you’re not storing barrels of melted people?”

“How could you even build that many sheds on your land? No one could get zoning for that!  I mean you’d need great real estate advice from a great attorney. Oh My God!”

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