Zosia Mamet & Evan Jonigkeit Reimagine Myriad Tales Of Old With ‘Fabled’ — Tribeca Studio

Mark Mann

Appearing regularly at the Tribeca Film Festival in recent years, Fabled EP/stars Zosia Mamet and Evan Jonigkeit (also at the fest this year with Starz’ Sweetbitter) appeared at Deadline’s Tribeca Studio this morning to discuss their new fantasy series.

Directed by Jennifer Morrison, executive produced by Alex Gayner and featuring an all-star cast—including Mamet, Jonigkeit, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Norbert Leo Butz and more—the imaginative anthology series tinkers with a series of classic fairy tales, revisiting them from the perspective of their female characters.

For Mamet and Jonigkeit, the conceit for this series stemmed from a shared road trip through Vermont. “We came across this postcard that had an image of Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz on it. It got us thinking about, what happened to those characters once the credits rolled?” Jonigkeit explained.

“The caption on the postcard said, ‘Girl, I’ve seen some weird sh*t,’ and that got us thinking about, what would happen if these two women met, and the concept that women who are considered over imaginative are sometimes moved into the category of ‘crazy,’” Mamet added. “That was the kernel of the episode that’s premiering tonight, which Evan wrote, called ‘Anodyne.'”

Producing the first two episodes of their would-be series with the help of Refinery29—”the leading global media company focused on young women”—the Fabled pair ultimately hope to expand their series with a first run of eight episodes.

To hear more from Mamet and Jonigkeit about the making of Fabled and their relationship to the Tribeca Film Festival—a fest which they commend for its support of female filmmakers and female-driven stories—click above.

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