Maggie Gyllenhaal On Playing Hookers And Porn Stars, Donald Trump’s ‘Deuce’ Connection, And Taking Control Of Her Career – The Actor’s Side

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Maggie Gyllenhaal kicks off the new Emmy season of The Actor’s Side, my Deadline series that focuses on the art and craft of acting with today’s top stars. Gyllenhaal came to our studio to talk about HBO’s The Deucethe edgy series about the explosion of porn in the early 1970s in New York City — she plays a hooker named Candy who gets sucked into this world and becomes a porn actress and filmmaker. Sound like Stormy Daniels? I asked her if there was any connection, as well as how Donald Trump figured into the making of the show’s first season and what attracts her to daring roles like this one.

In addition, we discuss the subject of sex, sexuality and the power that comes with it. We also talk about why her desire to also be a producer on the HBO series was non-negotiable; the necessary use of violence and exploitation of women to show the reality of the character; and another role in the upcoming Netflix Sundance acquisition The Kindergarten Teacher, which she says is the most important and challenging of her career to date.

Gyllenhaal comes from a family steeped in the entertainment business since her father is a director, her mother a screenwriter, and her brother Jake and husband Peter Sarsgaard are actors. She talks about how these familial connections fuel her own work on stage and film.

Check out our conversation above. To see past episodes go to the series’ Facebook page.

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