Sandy Hook Parents Sue Alex Jones For Defamation Over Claims Mass Shooting Was Faked

Alex Jones
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Is the day of reckoning for Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on its way? Two sets of parents whose children were murdered along with 24 others at the school on Dec. 14, 2012 filed defamation lawsuits today against the InfoWars radio broadcaster for his repeated claims over the airwaves that the mass shooting at the elementary school was faked. His broadcast reaches 2.7M people every month and Jones has been perpetuating the myth since 2012.

Neil Heslin, whose six and a half year-old son Jesse was murdered in his First Grade class and Lenny Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, whose son Noah, who had just lost his first tooth before being shot and killed less than a month after his sixth birthday, both filed defamation suits against Jones, InfoWars, Free Speech Systems LLC and reporter Owen Shroyer.

Pozner is one of the unsung heroes among mass shooting families. He launched the HONR Network which has done great work in fighting hoaxers and conspiracy theorists who follow and/or stalk families of mass shootings behind the scenes.

Pozner even penned an op-ed in a Florida newspaper outing college professor James Tracy who was one of the chief conspiracy theorists in the country. This was after Tracy had sent a certified letter to Pozner demanding that the parents turn over proof that Noah lived and that they were the rightful owners of his photo and asked for proof of them being his parents. Tracy was fired from the college.

Through the HONR Network, Pozner has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to help victims of crime who fall prey to these hoaxers; it has been happening for two decades to mass shooting victims, most recently to Parkland families who have also been called crisis actors.

“I work to have victims of mass shootings recognized as a protected group,” Pozner told Deadline.

That work has led to death threats against Pozner who has had to move repeatedly because of the lies about Sandy Hook being perpetrated by Jones and others of his ilk. You can read the entirety of Pozner’s suit here.

At the moment, there is a viral video going around of two conspiracy theorists taunting Frank Pomeroy, the pastor of Sutherland Springs whose 14 year-old daughter was murdered in the mass shooting there. It is devastating and horribly re-victimizing to grieving families whose lives have been torn apart. It is also dishonoring those who were taken.

“My duty as a father is to be Noah’s voice,” Pozner said. “He can’t speak for himself and we have to protect his memory. He died in a three by four bathroom along with 14 other children who had no place to go as the shooter blocked the door. The bullet went through Noah’s back and then went through his bicep” devastating his chest cavity.

Mark Bankston, their lawyer from Houston law firm Farrar & Ball, has also sued Jones, Infowars and reporter Kit Daniels for defamation after they misidentified a man as the Parkland, FL mass shooter.

“Nearly every day, I find myself helping families whose loved ones were taken in the most horrific way, but never have we seen victims who have been subjected to such malicious cruelty. The pain is unfathomable. We are deeply honored to take on this case,” Bankston said.

Heslin’s little boy Jesse was shot in the head, executed along with 20 of his classmates, after yelling to his classmates to run. Because of Jesse’s words and actions, nine of his fellow classmates ran out of the classroom to safety. Two others hid and they all survived.

Heslin told Deadline that he is fighting for the memory of his son: “You just have to stand up.”

Read Heslin’s suit here.

Six educators also died that day at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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