Syco International Chief George Levendis Leaves Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor’ & ‘Got Talent’ Firm

America's Got Talent

EXCLUSIVE: George Levendis, one of the key executives responsible for the global roll out of the Got Talent and X Factor formats, has left Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment.

I hear his departure from the company, which is a joint venture between Cowell and Sony Music, is entirely amicable and Levendis, who was Head of International at the firm is looking for a new challenge, having spent the last seven years in the role.

Levendis was responsible for the international development of these global franchises, including over 50 global versions of Got Talent and X Factor. He worked closely with distributors including FremantleMedia International and the international broadcasters.

Levendis’ departure comes as Syco gears up for its latest talent format The Greatest Dancer, which was recently commissioned by BBC One in the UK, which will inevitably spawn a slew of international formats and rack up hundreds more hours of air travel. He is now looking for a new role and was at Mip TV to talk to the international television community about a number of opportunities.

Syco, I understand, is now in the process of replacing him and is expected to make a hire announcement over the next few months.

Prior to joining Syco, Levendis was Managing Director of Greek broadcaster Antenna TV, one of the largest networks in the country. He also appeared as a judge on three seasons of the Greek version of The X Factor, so knew the format well. Before moving into television, like Cowell, he spent twenty years in the music business in roles including Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Sony BMG, where he oversaw campaigns for the likes of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Foo Fighters.

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