Stephen Colbert Giddy With News Sean Hannity Is Donald Trump Lawyer’s Mystery Client


UPDATED with video: Stephen Colbert returned just in time to revel in the ongoing legal troubles for Michael Cohen, aka President Donald Trump’s lawyer. Cohen was in court with his own lawyer earlier in the day. “Pro tip for Trump: when your lawyer needs a lawyer – you need a lawyer,” Colbert offered.

Until now, we knew Cohen repped Trump and paid hush money to cover up Trump’s alleged affairs. Last week we learned he has a second client, Colbert said: Former RNC Deputy Finance Chair “and Donald-Trump-Flattened-Out-By-Rolling-Pin Elliott Broidy.” For Broidy, Cohen helped pay $1.6 million to a Playboy playmate with whom he had an affair – not to be confused with the Playboy playmate Trump allegedly canoodled.

But the bombshell reveal today in court came when the judge ordered the lawyer to reveal the name of Cohen’s third client: Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity.

“John Stewart: After the show I’m going to come over, and we’re just going to spoon!” Colbert giggled.

Speaking of Hannity, watch Colbert’s promo for his James Comey interview on Tuesday, below.

“This is CRAZY!!” Colbert squealed. “Cohen only has two other clients, and all he does for them is pay off mistresses — which raises the obvious question: Who did Sean Hannity have sex with?”

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