‘Broad City’s Endgame, ‘Drunk History’s Future & ‘Nathan For You’s Legal Docket – Comedy Central @ The Contenders Emmys

Ilana Glazer Abbi Jacobson

Comedy Central’s Contenders Emmys panel focused on three very funny series: Drunk HistoryNathan for Youand Broad City. That’s three shows, three moderators, five comically minded creatives, one stage. In short, madness.

Yet out of three consecutive panels, a few facts seemed to surface — though, given the lineup, it was difficult to tell real news from punchlines.

Broad City
Moderator: TVLine’s Michael Ausiello
Guests: Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, co-creators, EPs, writers and actors (pictured above)

The Contenders Emmys 2018

On their decision announced this week to end the show after the upcoming Season 5, Jacobson said that, between the duo’s web series and Comedy Central, the show has existed for 10 years, and that’s enough. “It feels very right. This is about being in your 20s, and believe it or not, we’re not anymore,” she said. “I know it’s hard, but it feels like this thing that can’t go on forever, just like your 20s. …Creatively, we felt like it was the perfect time.”

Glazer added that Comedy Central was fully supportive of the women ending the series on their own terms and that they continue to develop projects with the channel. And what will that ending be? Deadpanned Glazer to moderator Ausiello, “We were going to say the whole thing, but you said we’re out of time, right?”

Drunk History
Moderator: Deadline’s Anthony D’Alessandro.
Guests: Derek Waters (co-creator, EP, host) and Jeremy Konner (co-creator, EP, director)

News: The future of this series apparently depends on one actor. “Every show tries for the king and that’s Bill Murray,” Watters said. “We have to keep doing the show until we get Bill Murray.”

Nathan for You
Moderator: Deadline’s Dawn Chmielewski
Guest: Nathan Fielder (EP-writer-director)

Fielder talked about a departure for the series, 2017’s two-hour special episode “Finding Frances,” which tracked the real-life story of aging actor Bill Heath, whom Fielder helps to locate a woman the actor dated in his 20s. “We do locate her, but we find out she is married,” he said. ‘It’s kind of heartbreaking.”

Fielder said the story took a bizarre turn when Heath told Fielder he planned to persuade the woman to leave her husband and marry him. But nobody sued over the project: “We have not been sued by anyone for anything,” he said.

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