‘Leah Remini: Scientology And The Aftermath’ Season 3 Digs Deeper Into The Abusive Practices Of The Religion – The Contenders Emmys

Leah Remini Mike Rinder

UPDATED: The first season of A&E’s award-winning docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath explored the disconnection and breaking up of families stemming from the controversial religion. In the forthcoming third season, Remini and her co-host Mike Rinder continue to dive into the religion they were once part of to explore other abusive practices. The pair were joined on the Contenders stage with Co-Editor-in-chief Mike Fleming, Jr. to talk about how the new season of the series continues to expose details about the religion that have affected them and many others.

“You’re never a victim of Scientology — you’re not allowed to be a victim,” said Remini. “You don’t hear these stories when you’re in it — they keep these kinds of abuses very confidential. And members don’t tell other members for fear of being retaliated against.” Rinder also points out that they have opened the door to the Church of Scientology to be interviewed, but none have accepted.

She adds that there’s a policy in Scientology when you’re not allowed to go to the police and turning over to the authorities would do more damage (the Church denies this). This would explain why there haven’t been many people coming forward before the A&E series. “If you’re raised in it, you don’t question it — you believe it because you want to believe it,” said Remini.

She adds, “If we are going to expose true evil in the world we have to come together and do something about it.”

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