‘SNL’: Ben Stiller & Robert De Niro Have A ‘Meet The Parents’ Reunion As Cohen, Mueller


The Saturday Night Live cold open is once again keeping on top of the Donald Trump headlines that have been infecting the news cycle since his inauguration — but this time Alec Baldwin is taking a break as POTUS. Instead, the opening had a clever take on the recent Michael Cohen FBI raid that happened earlier week with Ben Stiller as Trump’s lawyer and an equally surprising appearance of Robert De Niro doing his impression of the attorney du jour Robert Mueller.

The clip started with Kate McKinnon giving her Keebler elf-meets-Gollum impersonation of Jeff Sessions and Beck Bennett as VP Mike Pence. The two are stressing over the recent FBI raid of  Cohen’s office to which Pence says, “In a couple of months, the President will be back to normal.” Sessions asks, “How’s that?” Pence answers, “Because it will be me.”

As they are talking, Stiller enters as Cohen with his heavy NY accent, criticizing the aforementioned raid. It’s a disgrace,” he said “This whole entire raid is a violation of attorney criminal privilege.”

Sessions then sends Cohen down the hall to talk to someone who would like to speak to him. As he leaves, the two laugh and Sessions says, “I cannot wait to see that dummy burn!

Cut to: a room with a lie detector machine. As Cohen wonders what the hell is going on, De Niro enters as Mueller to a long applause break. As they sit down and Mueller hooks up Cohen to the lie detector machine it’s a straightforward reference to the comedy Meet the Parents which the duo starred.

“If you are innocent you have nothing to worry about,” says Mueller. “How did you like that pee pee tape?”

Cohen is alarmed but Mueller immediately says that he is joking and says, “We’ll get to that later.”

Mueller then asks if Trump paid off Stormy Daniels and when Cohen answers no, the needles on the machine start moving furiously. “I think you’re lying,” says Mueller.

“It was a surprise for Stormy — like a gift…like a rock you throw through a window with a note tied to it that says ‘stop talking’,” says Cohen in regards to the $130,000 pay off he gave to Trump’s alleged adult star mistress. From there, the sketch became the lie detector scene from Meet the Parents — but with Trumpian scandal flair.

At one point, Cohen says, “I just try to milk information out of people.”

“Did you say milk?” asks Mueller. “I have nipples can you milk me?

As Cohen accuses Mueller that his team isn’t against Trump, Mueller admits that they have nicknames for people for everyone in the administration.

“Trump used to be ‘Putin’s Little Bitch’ now it’s ‘Stormy’s Little Bitch,” Mueller admits. He then goes down the list saying that Ivanka’s codename is “Girlfriend” (which gets a round of shockings “Oooohs!” from the audience) while Jared is called “Other Girlfriend.” Don Jr. and Eric Trump are referred to as “Two Fredos.” When Cohen asks his name, Mueller says, “Dead Man Walking.”

Not trying to hide what this sketch was trying to do, Mueller says, “We’re gonna catch all you little fockers!”

Watch a clip from the cold open below.

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