‘I Love You, America’s Sarah Silverman Talks Importance Of Finding Commonalities & Forging Connections – The Contenders Emmys


Hours before Hulu’s Contenders panel for Sarah Silverman’s I Love You, Americathe final panel of the day—the streaming service announced that the hit variety series will be back for another 11 episodes, to begin airing on September 6—just in time for conversation centering on the midterm elections.

The Contenders Emmys 2018

Speaking with Deadline’s Pete Hammond, Silverman first discussed her initial conception of the series, which tries to take an even-keeled look at the current political situation in America from both sides of the spectrum. “The quick one-sentence thought was, ‘Mr. Rogers for adults.’ It felt like it was really time to remember things like, ‘If it’s mentionable, its manageable,’ and ‘There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you’ve heard their story,'” the comedian explained. “The challenge was making sure that above all of it, it’s very silly and still hard comedy.”

Recounting brutal conversations with the Trump-supporting proprietor of Jack’s Eyewear in Los Angeles and a dinner with a family in Chalmette, Louisiana “that all voted for Trump and had never met a Jew, and had to Google ‘Jew,'” Silverman stressed the importance of finding commonalities and forging connections with people, even those whose beliefs run fundamentally counter to your own. “One thing I learned doing the show is, you really can’t change peoples’ minds, as ironic as it sounds, with facts, or poll numbers. They feel judged, their porcupine needles go up—and this is all of us,” Silverman said. “Until they feel seen, and not judged, is when they’re open. Whatever you can connect with, it doesn’t matter. But it does make a difference.”

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