‘Rampage’ Rustles Up $37M Overseas Through Friday; Eyes $50M+ China Opening

By Anthony D'Alessandro, Nancy Tartaglione

Warner Bros./New Line

SATURDAY UPDATE: With Friday’s numbers included, Warner BrosRampage has grossed $36.7M at the international box office so far. The Dwayne Johnson sci-fi ape pic is dominating offshore play with 61 markets now open; on Friday it grossed an estimated $27.1M. In China, its Friday haul was $15.6M (with Thursday sneaks), firmly making it WB’s 3rd biggest opening day in the Middle Kingdom. The flash Saturday estimate is $21.2M which is not included in the total international number above.

Ti Gong
The Saturday China performance lifts the local two-day take to $36.8M and portends an opening upwards of $50M. Johnson visited Shanghai last week with co-star Naomie Harris, director Brad Peyton and producer Beau Flynn. The group did a red carpet walk at Shanghai Film Museum and attended the premiere at the Shanghai Film Art Center.

Johnson and Peyton’s San Andreas made $103M in the market. The 2015 disaster film had a 7 rating on Douban while Rampage is carrying a 6.8. The screen count on Rampage is increasing today.

In new Friday openings, Rampage ranked No. 1 in Mexico with $992K on 2,648. That was on par with Godzilla, 17% ahead of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, and 68% ahead of the recent Pacific Rim: Uprising and 94% over Tomb Raider.

India grossed $540K on Friday to take the No. 1 slot for an import, above the recent comps including nearly triple Tomb Raider.

had a strong $522K on 430 for the 2nd biggest WB opening ever. And Spain took $282K from 390 to outperform Godzilla by 72% and land on par with Pac Rim 2 and San Andreas.

In the continuing plays, the UK held No. 1 with a $2.8M cume through Friday. Also all ranking No. 1, and with cumes so far cited here, are the UAE ($1.5M), Korea ($1.5M), Malaysia ($1.5M), Russia ($1.1M), Thailand ($1.2M), Australia ($1M) and Indonesia ($1.3M) all ranked No. 1. Some of those numbers are a bit light — Korea and Russia notably.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a full international weekend breakdown.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Rampage in flash day grosses over in China is clearing $15.7M on day one including previews on 20K screens. Some analysts even see $17M. That’s the third best opening day for a Warner Bros. title in the Middle Kingdom, beating Ready Player One‘s first day of $14.6M which yielded a $61.7M opening weekend and a total cume that’s at $181.7M. Rampage could well see a $60M start in China.

Rampage is below the first day of Pacific Rim: Uprising which grossed $21.7M on its first day before a $65M three-day opening and a near $100M take to date.


Johnson fares well in China: San Andreas made $103.1M there with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle earning over $77M. His ensemble Fast and Furious movies are enormous though with Fate of the Furious grossing over $392M, but that’s not a comp here. Kong Skull Island, not a Johnson movie, ended its China run with $168.1M. Rampage‘s first day is +28% higher than Jumanji and double what San Andreas did back 2015. Johnson made a point to tell his fans in China on social that Rampage was opening day and date with the rest of the world in early March.

All in through two days abroad, Rampage counts $25.4M with $9.7M coming from 41 markets. Approximately 17,250 screens cleared $8.2M from 39 markets yesterday.

Rampage made $2.4M last night stateside in previews with an eye on a $35M-plus weekend.

The breakdown per WB Int’l:

$1.3m on approximately 866 screens (including Wednesday sneaks), narrowly ranking #2. Excluding previews, that’s 30% higher than the first day of Kong: Skull Island, 76% ahead of Pacific Rim 2.

Warner Bros./New Line

Malaysia:  No. 1 with 78% share of top 5 for $877k from 566 screens (including sneaks).  Excluding sneaks it’s on par with Skull Island and 44% ahead of San Andreas.

United Arab Emirates:  No. 1 repping 75% share of top 5 with $665k from 168 screens. That’s the second biggest day of 2018 year to date.

Thailand:  Also No. 1 with 75% counting $639k from 597 screens and the biggest opening day year to date.

South Korea:  Rank #1 with nearly 40% share of the Top 5 films, grossing an estimated $610k from 786 screens.  Results are narrowly behind the opening day tally for Godzilla and exceeds Tomb Raider by +38%.

 Russia:  Rank #1 with a 41% share of the Top 5 films and grossing an estimated $502k from 2,668 screens.

 Australia:  Rank #1, grossing an estimated $434k from 469 screens and coming in ahead of Pacific Rim 2 by +23%, and San Andreas by +28%.

 Indonesia:  Still No. 1 in day 2 with $404k from 681 screens and a cume that’s near $800K.

 Brazil:  No. 2 behind a local title with $240k from 922 screens which is 10% ahead of Pac Rim 2.

 Italy:  Rank #1 with a 34% box office share of the top 5 films, grossing an estimated $178k from 420 screens. That’s 16% better than San Andreas and on par with Kong: Skull Island.

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