Jordan Klepper’s ‘The Opposition’ Corners “Crisis Actor” Alex Jones In Washington

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UPDATED  with video: Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii cornered InfoWarsAlex Jones on tonight’s The Opposition and asked him if he is a crisis actor, as he has accused victims of Sandy Hook elementary school massacre and the Aurora theater shooting of being.

“Are you the real Alex Jones?” Libii asked, noting that calling a victim a crisis actor “would be a monstrous thing to do.”

“I didn’t call those guys a crisis actor,” Jones insisted, which The Opposition happily spliced between clips Jones of calling Sandy Hook and Aurora shooting victims actors, and players in a staged event.

“You’re an actor pretending to be journalist pretending to be a comedian, so you can sit there and confuse your audience like you’re a news show,” Jones hissed at Libii.

“I don’t think a person putting on a big performance show and claiming to be a journalist would get much of a following,” Libii eye-rolled, getting the best of that exchange.

The InfoWars host spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, at an event called “Alex Jones Invades the Swamp” at which he blasted those who hav filed defamation lawsuits against him for remarks he has made on his program. Like the suit filed by  the person who had recorded that video of the fatal car attack during the alt-right in Charlottesville, Va., who Jones called a “CIA asset” and “deep-state shill.”

Cut to show host Jordan Klepper, who told viewers:

“I want to be clear. We didn’t call this Alex Jones crisis actor a ‘crisis actor.’ We merely looked at the crisis actor-like behavior of this crisis actor-like man, speaking from what felt like a script, and said, ‘Others might say Alex Jones is a crisis actor’,” Klepper explained.

“Besides, that sad, sorry man looks nothing like the real AJ! I’m supposed to believe that guy gave advice to the President of the United States? No way! Sad!”

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