Cocaine Docu-Comedy ‘White Tide’ Offers First Look Before Tribeca Bow

Tribeca Film Festival

EXCLUSIVE: The first-look clip of a cocaine documentary that will debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 20 is out.

In White Tide: The Legend of Culebraa small-business owner and family man comes across the legend of a buried stash of cocaine worth $2 million and hidden in the Caribbean. Having been wiped out during the Great Recession, Rodney Hyden hatches a plan to retrieve it, using the talents of a band of colorful misfits. But without prior drug-running experience, trouble (and laughter) ensues.

Directed by Theo Love (Little Hope Was Arson), this latest film uses re-enactments with the actual caper participants. The film was made because “I was broke, depressed, and desperate,” Love says. “I had been grinding it out in L.A. for a decade, taking myself very, very seriously, and my dreams felt further away than ever.”

That’s when it hit him: “I just wanted to make a documentary that could make you smile.”

When he heard the Rodney Hyden story, it resonated. He cold-called Hyden and pitched him. The first words out of Hyden’s mouth: “I’ve been waitin’ for one of you from Hollyweird to call.”

The film is produced by Love and Bryan Storkel, executive produced by Brian Knapperberger, Jeff Goldstein, Tom Love, and Nate Larson, and stars Hyden as himself.



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