Alan Cumming Sings Of American No-Know-How In Latest Jordan Roth Video


Broadway producer Jordan Roth is schooling us with another episode of his mostly-animated The Birds and the BS, the kids show for adults that routinely features some of Broadway’s biggest voices.

This time around: Alan Cumming. The subject: The American Dream.

The cartoon Cumming stops by the show to refute Roth’s suggestion that the American Dream has “shriveled up like a xenophobic raisin in the sun.”

Not so, counters the former Cabaret emcee. These days, you don’t even “have to know how to do it to do it.”

Do what exactly?

“The honcho at the EPA treats oceans like a big bidet,” sings Cumming, and “The head of education wants public schools’ elimination.”

And this: “Wife abusers and child molesters we are happy to adore/We’ll give you an Oscar or a vote if you’re Roy Moore.”

Check out the funny video above, with script and lyrics by Roth, John Walton West, Simon Pearl and Cody Williams, and the song’s music by Jonathan Brenner.


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