Don Lemon Interview With Donald Trump’s Lawyer Shows He’s About To “Fold Like Cheap Deck Of Cards,” Says Michael Avenatti


CNN’s Don Lemon got an interview with Donald Trump’s personal attorney in which Michael Cohen said FBI agents who raided his house and office on Monday did so respectfully and professionally. Among the documents taken were those relevant to the $130K payment to Stormy Daniels to get her to sign an NDA days before the 2016 presidential election. Reportedly that was intetnded to keep her from talking about the affair she’d said in interviews she had with then-Apprentice star Trump more than a decade ago.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, meanwhile, interviewed Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti about Tuesday’s revelation he and his client are cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Avenatti confirmed they were contacted “by various attorneys from the government that are looking into this.”

“We’re going to be as user-friendly as possible,” Avenatti said of himself and his porn-star client. “We’re going to respect the process; we understand the seriousness of this. This took on a whole other level in the last 48 hours.”

Cooper asked Avenatti about Cohen, who told Lemon the agents who raided his house and office were “professional, courteous and respectful,” Lemon said. That’s in marked contrast to how Trump described what happened, saying they “broke in.”

Cooper wondered if Avenatti thought those raids were linked to what Trump said last week on Air Force One, that he knew nothing about the payment to Daniels. Some pundits have speculated that those remarks set in motion Monday’s raid, because it suggested attorney/client privilege therefore¬†would not apply.

Avenatti was having none of that line of talk: It might be good for CNN that Cohen talked to Lemon, but “it’s moronic,” he shot back.

“Any experienced attorney would tell a client not to be speaking to the press the day after the FBI executes three search warrants on your homes and office.

“I still cannot believe the president made those statements on Air Force One and effectively put his own personal attorney in the cross hairs,” he added. By saying he did not know anything about it and referring people to Cohen, Trump set up Cohen to be the fall guy, Avenatti said.

Trump now has a false sense of security that his “fixer” is going to take the fall. That, Avenatti said, presumes Cohen will be able to withstand the pressure and heat. Cohen will not, Avenatti said, explaining that any guy who constantly feels the need to talk about how tough he is, and compare himself to Showtime’s Ray Donovan is, in fact, not a Ray Donovan “but a purse puppy.”

Avenatti pointed to the Lemon interview as evidence that Trump “picked the wrong fixer and trusted too many personal secrets” to him, Avenatti explained.

“Michael Cohen is going to fold like a cheap deck of cards on Mr. Trump,” he forecast.

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