Seth Meyers Chokes Up “Thinking How Brave I Was” As Wife Gave Birth In Lobby

Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers revealed to Late Night viewers that his second son on Sunday topped the delivery saga of Son No. 1, when he was born in the lobby of their Manhattan co-op.

Meyers similarly had regaled his studio audience with the race-to-hospital story after the birth of his first son. “Well, move over that story – that’s so normal compared to what happened yesterday,” Meyers said on Monday’s Late Night.

Things got dramatic when he and wife Alexi were about to get into an Uber to get to the hospital when she suddenly announced the baby was coming at that moment.

Meyers recalled trying to calm her and assure her they had time to get to the hospital, explaining to viewers, “I know, because I’ve been through exactly one birth.”

He was wrong.

With his wife in a condition he described as looking “like someone who is trying to sneak a baby on a plane” they had to make the decision whether to stay in the lobby or get back into the elevator. “Those are terrible options, when what you’re looking for is a hospital,” Meyers joked.

Alexi gave birth to Axel Strahl while Meyers was making the 911 call.

“We have not lived in this building for a long time,” Meyers said, adding he’s glad they’re already co-op approved.

Meyers thanked everyone who helped his wife, but dinged the Uber driver “who charged me – I mean, for real.”

The NBC late-night host said they named their new son Axel because it’s a name they like, but will tell him it’s because firemen helped deliver him and, if he puts up a fuss, will remind him “you could have been ‘Hose’.”

His middle name is that of his mother-in-law’s parents, who were Holocaust survivors.”When someone is born you have such an appreciation for someone who lived so that you could have this moment,” Meyers said, adding, “We’re so happy to give him this name, for people who had to work so hard to do that.”

Meyers then thanked his wife “who obviously has to get an apartment closer to the hospital,” describing how calm she remained during the lobby birth. “I’m getting choked up thinking about how brave I was,” he joked as he choked up.

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