Nickelodeon Intl & Israel’s Nutz Team On ‘The Covurts’ Live-Action Series – MipTV

Jeremy Gerard

Nickelodeon International has greenlit live-action kids series The Covurts. This is the first original co-production for Nickelodeon with Nutz Productions, the producing arm of Israel’s Ananey Communications in which Nick parent Viacom acquired a minority stake last year. Israeli cable network HOT is also in the mix on The Covurts.

Forty half hours have been ordered which will be distributed to Nickelodeon’s offshore audiences in over 170 countries via the brand’s 100+ channels and blocks. The series is currently in pre-production and will film in Israel with rollout beginning in 2019.

The Covurts (working title) focuses on Mr. and Mrs. Covurt, highly trained secret agents tasked with fighting an evil international organization. Little do they know that it’s actually their three kids — Hadrian, Mackenzie and Watts — who are really the agency’s biggest asset against crime.

Tom Riles, David Guest and Patrick Quinn are series creators. The head writer is Israeli screenwriter Michal Cooper Keren, who created Nickelodeon Israel’s Spell Keepers.

Ananey is an Israeli content producer and pay-TV provider that serves as the Israeli licensor of several of Viacom’s biggest brands, including Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and MTV, and produces both local and international original content.

Nutz was founded in 2010 and produces all the original series for the Viacom brands, as well as for other Israeli networks. It was recently commissioned by Netflix to produce its remake of Greenhouse Academy — an original live-action daily-drama series which was first broadcast for four seasons on Nickelodeon Israel and locally also produced by Nutz.

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