Laura Ingraham Comes Back To Fox News Channel Program After Advertiser Exodus

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham didn’t miss a beat Monday night when she returned from her week-long vacation after her controversial comment towards Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg that led to at least 16 advertisers dropping out of her program. The Fox News Channel host forged ahead with her opinions and joked she was glad that she didn’t have a Google alert on her name over her vacation.

During her return to The Ingraham Angle, she didn’t directly address the controversial comments towards Hogg nor the apology she made via Twitter. Instead, she focused on “the Left’s plot to silence conservatives.”

She went on to criticize “the Left” saying that they don’t invite voices to enter public discussion. She said that “they drive out any dissenting voice” and added that there is “a contraction of free speech all around us.”

The end of her show included a self-explanatory segment called “Defending the First” which exposes the “enemies of the First Amendment.” Considering her current situation and her brand, the segment seems right up her alley.

Ingraham was slammed when she mocked high-schooler Hogg for a tweet in which he complained he had not been accepted by several colleges to which he had applied. When he responded with a call for an advertiser boycott, and sponsort began pulling spots, Ingraham issued an apology on Twitter that Hogg rejected because, he told CNN, it came only after she lost advertisers and she had “basically tried promoting her show after ‘apologizing’.” More advertisers pulled out of the show as Ingraham began a scheduld week off, while her supporters started a #IStandWithLaura campaign to boycott exiting advertisers.

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