Joaquin Phoenix Outing ‘You Were Never Really Here’ Has Robust Bow; ‘Isle Of Dogs’ Crosses $12M: Specialty Box Office

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UPDATED at 11:45AM PT with more numbers and analysis. Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here, the first feature from the director since 2011, rocketed to a strong launch in its debut, grossing $129,911 in three theaters.

Searchlight’s Isle of Dogs added hundreds of runs for its third frame, taking in $4.6M to boost its cume to $12M. The weekend gross was enough to land it in the overall top 10 as of Sunday morning.

Released by Amazon Studios, You Were Never Really Here put up a hefty average of $43,304. The per-theater tally places it just behind the 2018 opening averages of Isle of Dogs ($60,011), Black Panther ($50,250) and The Death of Stalin ($46,201) for the year and well above the debut of her last feature, We Need To Talk About Kevin. That Tilda Swinton squirm-fest opened in a single location in 2011, grossing a healthy $24,587 en route to a $1.73M cume.

Ramsay and star Joaquin Phoenixmade surprise appearances at the Arclight in Hollywood throughout the weekend, returning to the complex unannounced after Q&As and soaking up the audience reaction. The pair “collaborated to create a uniquely cinematic experience enhanced by a driving, haunting score from Jonny Greenwood,“ Amazon Studios marketing and distribution chief Bob Berney said Sunday in a statement. “Advance buzz from the top festivals and excellent reviews, along with the genre elements of the film generated solid numbers and great audience reactions.”

Phoenix, who won Best Actor in Cannes for for his performance, is slated to appear at additional screenings of the film at the Arclight on Sunday. Ramsay and Phoenix, Berney told Deadline, were always the core of the project. “When talking to them both, we felt they had an amazing take on the novella [by author Jonathan Ames] and they delivered,” Berney said. Next week, Amazon plans to take the film out to 10 markets and 45 locations, ahead of a wider expansion planned for April 20.

Other specialty newcomers trailed well behind, though opening to a decently solid start was A24’s Lean On Pete, which took more than $50K for the weekend in four locations. Well Go USA’s The Endless and Great Point Media/Paladin’s Where Is Kyra? with Michelle Pfeiffer and Kiefer Sutherland both opened with exclusive runs Friday, grossing $8,600 and $7,000, respectively.

Sophomore weekends brought unremarkable results for last weekend’s debuts. Roadside Attractions’ Finding Your Feet grossed over $127K in 57 locations, while FIP’s Baaghi 2 took in $255K in 124 theaters. Neon’s Gemini expanded to 56 runs, grossing $73K and The Orchard’s Outside In grossed $23,393 in 14 theaters. IFC Films’ Love After Love, meanwhile, played three locations, grossing $14K.

A24’s Lean On Pete, a drama by writer-director Andrew Haigh starring Charlie Plummer, Steve Buscemi and Chloë Sevigny, opened in four locations Friday, grossing and estimated $50,118 in the three-day. Based on the novel by Willy Vlautin, the feature averaged $12,530, the second-best among the reporting specialty openers this weekend.

Calling it a “touching and emotional portrait of a young man in America’s heartland,” A24 said the title will expand to more major markets next weekend and continue to roll out through the spring.

Sci-fi thriller The Endless, directed by and starring Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead exclusively at IFC Center in New York, grossing $8,600, not bad for a low budget feature without a lot of star wattage. The company said the feature had a “healthy increase” from Friday to Saturday and boasted about its critical response (100% so far on Rotten Tomatoes). “The critics have been singing the praises of this one,and it’s gratifying to see the audience follow suit, despite opening against a well-received studio juggernaut like A Quiet Place,” said Well Go USA’s Dylan Marchetti. “I always say the best day is the day you realize you can go to the movies more than once in a weekend, and The Endless is so atmospheric and inventive that it demands a distraction-free, big screen experience. Clearly — and thankfully — audiences seem to agree.” 

Also in one New York location was writer-director Andrew Dosunmu’s Where Is Kyra? The drama, starring Pfeiffer and Sutherland and released via Great Point Media/Paladin, played the Quad Cinema in Gotham in its debut weekend, grossing $7K. The Sundance title will expand to 20 markets April 13.

Roadside added 43 runs for the second frame of Finding Your Feet, grossing $127,265 for a $2,233 (-49%) average for the weekend. The title debuted with 14 runs the weekend prior, grossing $61,295, averaging $4,378. It has cumed $229,947.

Wes Anderson’s Isle Of Dogs continues to bark up stellar numbers in its third weekend. Searchlight added 389 runs vs. last weekend, bringing its total to 554, grossing $4.6M Friday to Sunday for a very solid $8,303 PTA and also placing the title in the overall top 10 for the weekend as of Sunday morning. That gave it the second-highest average among the movies in the top 10, behind Paramount’s A Quiet Place with a $14,253 average.

Searchlight is obviously pleased, pointing out Sunday that the film is “appealing to both men and women alike, and that the majority of audience members are under 35 years of age,” adding: “The more mature and specialty audience is now beginning to find the film as reviews continue to be very strong, and the film has earned an ‘A’ from CinemaScore in polling over the last couple of weekends.”

Next weekend, the Dogs will go into national release, expanding to 100 markets and more than 1,750 theaters across the U.S. and Canada.

FIP’s Baaghi 2 played just one additional screen in its second weekend, grossing $255K in 124 theaters ($2,056 average, a decline of 64% from its opening $5,691 PTA in 123 theaters ($700K opening gross). Baaghi 2 has cumed $1.17M.

SPC added a dozen runs for Final Portrait in week 3, grossing $59,600 in 21 locations ($2,234 average). The title took in $33,237 in nine theaters last weekend, averaging $3,693. It has cumed $414,117.

Sony Classics expanded The Leisure Seeker with Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland to 353 theaters, up from 155 in its second frame. The title took in $577,912 in the three-day, averaging $1,637, which is an uptick from its second weekend. The Leisure Seeker grossed over $248K in its second weekend, averaging $1,604. It has cumed $1.82M.

IFC Films continues to add locations for its hit comedy The Death of Stalin starring Steve Buscemi. It grossed $1.1M in 554 theaters Friday to Sunday, averaging $2,001. Last weekend, the feature grossed $1.45M in 484, averaging $3,004. It has cumed $5.59M.

And Call Me By Your Name topped $18M in its 20th weekend of release. The Oscar nominee grossed $28,650 in 50 locations over the weekend, averaging $573.


The Endless (Well Go USA) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $8,600

Lean On Pete (A24) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $50,118. Average $12,530

Where Is Kyra? (Great Point Media/Paladin) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $7,000

You Were Never Really Here (Amazon Studios) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $129,911, Average $43,304


Baaghi 2 (FIP) Week 2 [124 Theaters] Weekend $255,000, Average $2,056, Cume $1,170,574

Finding Your Feet (Roadside Attractions/Stage 6) Week 2 [57 Theaters] Weekend $127,265, Average $2,233, Cume $229,947

The Gardener (Gravitas Ventures) Week 2 [1 Theater] Weekend $2,100

Gemini (NEON) Week 2 [56 Theaters] Weekend $73,071, Average $1,305, Cume $120,624

Love After Love (IFC Films) Week 2 [3 Theater] Weekend $14,054, Average $4,685, Cume $31,417

Outside In (The Orchard) Week 2 [14 Theaters] Weekend $23,393, Average $47,203


Back To Burgundy (Music Box Films) Week 3 [14 Theaters] Weekend $24,864, Average $1,776, Cume $104,873

Final Portrait (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 3 [21 Theaters] Weekend $59,600, Average $2,234, Cume $414,117

Getting Grace (Hannover House) Week 3 [7 Theaters] Weekend $6,211, Average $887, Cume $147,055

Isle Of Dogs (Fox Searchlight) Week 3 [554 Theaters] Weekend $4,600,000, Average $8,303, Cume $12,048,934

Flower (The Orchard) Week 4 [36 Theaters] Weekend $10,921, Average $203, Cume $321,195

Journey’s End (Good Deed Entertainment) Week 4 [28 Theaters] Weekend $23,000, Average $821, Cume $134,544

The Death of Stalin (IFC Films) Week 5 [554 Theaters] Weekend $1,108,754, Average $2,001, Cume $5,596,367

Itzhak (Greenwich Entertainment) Week 5 [29 Theaters] Weekend $51,243, Average $1,767, Cume $234,487

The Leisure Seeker (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 5 [353 Theaters] Weekend $577,912, Average $1,637, Cume $1,820,026

Foxtrot (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6 [45 Theaters] Weekend $58,093, Average $1,291, Cume $414,117

Bomb City (Gravitas Ventures) Week 7 [1 Theater] Weekend $600, Cume $59,351

The Young Karl Marx (The Orchard) Week 7 [5 Theaters] Weekend $3,244, Average $649, Cume $118,735

Samson (Pure Flix) Week 8 [6 Theaters] Weekend $1,775, Average $296, Cume $4,719,091

A Fantastic Woman (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 10 [38 Theaters] Weekend $35,419, Average $932, Cume $1,885,098

Call Me By Your Name (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 20 [50 Theaters] Weekend $28,650, Average $573, Cume $18,036,689

1945 (Menemsa Films) Week 23 [11 Theaters] Weekend $45,065, Average $4,097, Cume $496,892

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