New York Trump Tower Fire: No Sprinklers In Resident Part Of Building

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SUNDAY UPDATE:  There were no sprinklers in the Trump Tower apartment that was destroyed in a fire on Saturday, causing one death and several injuries.

Firefighters are still at the scene today for clean-up and investigation into the cause of the blaze. One resident died and six firefighters were injured in the incident on the 50th floor of the 58-story building.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said Secret Service agents and his firefighters checked the residence of President Donald Trump in the building for any damages.  The residence floors do not have sprinklers because the building was completed in 1983, a few years before the systems were mandated. Older residential high-rises are only required to add them when major renovations take place.

UPDATED:  The fire at Trump Tower has been contained, but FDNY has reported that there has been one casualty from the blaze.

According to the Associated Press, the New York Police Department said a man by the name of Todd Brassner was in his 50th-floor apartment during the fire. He was taken to a hospital and died a short time after. Four firefighters also suffered minor injuries. The cause of the fire is unknown and is still being investigated.

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Trump Tower, the mixed residential and business building that sometimes serves as the New York White House when the president is in town, had a fire on its 50th floor today. The four-alarm blaze at the 58-story building on Fifth Avenue at 57th Street in Midtown was quickly quelled, although not before debris from the blaze fell to the streets below.

Flames and billowing smoke were visible from the street, and one serious injury to a civilian was reported. Four firefighters had minor injuries.

The building was not evacuated, but some residents voluntarily left the building on their own. Some surrounding streets from Trump Tower were closed during the incident. No cause for the fire has been revealed as of yet.

Trump Tower is the headquarters of The Trump Organization. The president lives there in the top three floors when he is in New York. A minor fire also occurred on the building’s roof three months ago.

President Trump was in the White House, and U.S. Secret Service has been made aware of the incident,

Trump praised the building’s construction as a “well built building” and lauded firefighters who managed to put out the blaze on Saturday.


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