‘Instinct’ Showrunner Apologizes For Similar ‘Bones’ Storyline, Says It Was “Unintentional”

Francisco Roman/CBS

In the latest episode of the CBS procedural Instinct, an Amish teenager is murdered after moving to the big city. While investigating the teen’s death, they find popsicle sticks that remind them of piano keys which leads them to question the victim’s piano teacher. Sounds like a gripping storyline right? Well, to some fans of Fox’s Bones, the storyline was too familiar and Instinct producer Michael Rauch wanted to set the record straight.

After the Instinct episode titled “Secrets and Lies” aired, Bones fans started calling out the CBS procedural starring Alan Cumming. In a 2009 episode of Bones titled “The Plain in the Prodigy,” they were investigating a murder of a young Amish man who moved to the big city. They find a collection of rocks that look like piano keys in his childhood home and interview the victim’s piano teacher.

The striking similarities had many reaching out to Rauch via Twitter to which he posted, “Yeah, heard about this. Very distressing and 100% unintentional. Looking into it and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And of course apologies to Bones (and their fans).”

It seems to be that Rauch is genuine about being unaware. But a lesson should be learned here: next time you write about a murdered Amish teen who has random objects resembling piano keys in his childhood bedroom, make sure it is a story that hasn’t been told before.

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